10 Indoor Plants That Clean The Air And Remove Toxins

Here are 10 air purifying indoor plants with names:

1. Boston Fern:
remove formaldehyde, Xylene and ammonia

2. English Ivy:
absorb carcinogens from smokes

3. Spider Plant:
absorbe molds and carbon monoxide

4. Peace Lilly:
reduce mold spores, Alcohol, acetone vapours from the air

5. Chinese evergreen:
removes toxins found in chemical-based household cleaners

6. Chrysanthemum:
can also brighten up indoors with its colourful and beautiful flowers

7. Golden Pothos:
reduce the volatile organic chemicals from the air

8. Snake Plant:
absorb Carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night

9. Aloe Vera:
not only a home remedy for burns and cuts, but also a good air purifier

10. Bamboo Palm:
filters benzene and trichloroethylene from air

It should be remembered that despite the amazing air purifying effects, many of these plants contains toxins that are harmful if consumed. So make sure to keep them away from the reach of pets and children.

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