19 Best Low Maintenance Houseplants

19 Best Low Maintenance Houseplants

1. Snake Plant
The snake plant is a low-maintenance succulent plant that thrives on neglect pretty well. If you have had little success with indoor gardening , do give the snake plant a try. All types of snake plant tolerate low light and prefer being potbound.

2. Tillandsia (Air Plants)
Tillandsia is a genus of air plants native to the deserts, forests and mountains of central and South America. Air plants are epiphyte, meaning they don’t need soil to grow. All you need is to mist or water them up once in a week.

3. Cast-Iron Plant
The cast-iron plant is true to its name- it’s literally indestructible. It can withstand extremes of conditions, including low light, low humidity, as well as a wide spectrum of temperatures. And it grows slowly, which means you don’t need to repot it often.

4. Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe is a genus of tropical succulent flowering plants, from the wide-leafed and bright ‘Flapjack’ to the compact Kalanchoe manginii or Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Kalanchoes are easy to grow, all they ask for is a sunny spot and an occasional spritz of water.

5. Philodendron
Philodendron is a fast-growing foliage houseplant with bottle-green heart-shaped leaves, similar to pothos. This plant is extremely durable and adapts well to low-light areas. Philodendron looks great in hanging baskets or when branches trailing down from above.

6. ZZ Plant
The ZZ plant is also known as the eternity plant as it lasts so long that it’s practically a challenge to kill it! Its fat succulent leaves are thick, fleshy leafstalks are so durable that they can be easily mistaken for plastic.

7. Bromeliad
Bromeliad, like pineapple, belongs to the bromeliacea family. This plant produces a delicate pink inflorescence that is beautiful to look at. It lasts long too, and occasionally produces new side shoots that replace the original ones.

8. Jade Plant
Native to South America, Jade is a low maintenance indoor plant. A succulent that retains water in its round, fleshy leaves. They thrive on neglect, so all you need to do is place them in a bright and airy spot and you’re done. As the thick trunk of jade plant easily gives it a mature look, it is also good for bonsai making.

9. Succulents
Whether its Crown of thorns or any other succulent most of them are the plants that are easy to grow indoors. Especially for those who forget to water the plants for days. If you’re interested in knowing more about the succulents that are easy to grow

10. Pothos
Pothos is a fast-growing, leafy vine with striking variegated leaves that are tolerant to both irregular watering and low light conditions. The vine extends quickly, often leaving a 10-feet long, green trail over shelves or furniture. Though it’s not as drought-tolerant as many other plants in this list and demands some attention from you when it comes to watering.

11. Peace Lily
The peace lily is an easy-to-care houseplant that tolerates low light and low humidity really well and it seems like it is made for indoor conditions. Glossy, lance-shaped foliage with arched stems that surround the central flower spikes. It produces spoon-shaped blooms in summer usually but some varieties do blossom intermittently throughout the year.

12. Begonia
Begonias, with lush, green leaves and satiny flowers paint a pretty picture. Though they are more often thought of as outdoor plants, the fibrous and rhizomatous variants perform well indoors. They prefer humid environments, so you may want to water them 2-3 times a week in summer to make sure they stay healthy and green.

13. Aloe Vera
Especially, Aloe Vera is one of the most multi-purpose houseplants in Aloe genus you can choose for indoor gardening. Its plump, spiraling leaves ooze out a soothing gel that can be used for burns and cuts. You can use it to relieve sunburns and even ingest its gel for a minty, cool feeling. Aloe loves to have some direct light and a moderate spritz of water every week or two.

14. Boston Fern
Renowned since the Victorian times, Boston fern is one of the most popular variants of fern. With its delicate, frilly leaves and lush, hanging fronds, it looks aesthetic when displayed in baskets hanging down from ceilings. Being the most drought-tolerant fern, it is easy to care for.

15. Dracaena
The plants from Dracaena genus perform well as an indoor plant. They become great houseplants as they are tolerant to extreme indoor conditions. For instance, they survive well in under-watered soil. Additionally, they are not picky about light exposure.

16. English Ivy
This plant is well known for its evergreen foliage. It is easy to maintain and needs as little as evenly moist soil and bright indirect light to grow well. The stems tend to grow long but can be easily controlled with pruning. For the best display, place your English ivy on a mantel where the stems can hang down luxuriantly.

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