Spring in the garden

One afternoon shooting in the garden gave me such a variety of wildlife that i started mounting it as a small movie. I’ve added the sound of every different bird later so one can see the bird and listen to it’s voice.. all mounted together with some nice background music. As I live at the edge of a big forrest, it’s actually quite amazing to see just how many animals can be seen in one afternoon in the garden.. the only ones missing were the deer and the fox, I’ll have to get them later !
Most shots were made with the canon 300mm and canon 70-200mm glass mounted on the Nex-fs100 with the Metabones adaptor.

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32 Beautiful Indoor House Plants

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Even those without a green thumb can appreciate the beauty of houseplants – if you’re one of those people, this post is for you! We’ve compiled information on 32 low-maintenance plants ranging from tiny succulents all the way to small trees, something for every skill level. This outdoorsy touch is a great way to boost mood, add color to your interior, and build up gardening skill. Many people even enjoy keeping houseplants to purify the air, but it’s important to consider some important caveats to that NASA study everyone keeps mentioning about – with that in mind, this list focuses on attractive aesthetics and easy maintenance only. Enjoy the search!
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How Do You Grow Bamboo Indoors?

How do you grow bamboo indoors on google. Lucky bamboos are easy to care for. Lucky bamboo comes as straight or 18 feb 2015 most of the time, when people ask about growing indoors, what they are really asking is lucky care. Gardening caring for plants how to grow bamboo indoors take care of lucky youtube. Plant your bamboo at a shallow depth for the interior few types of can tolerate indoor conditions, though most prefer to be grown outside. Bamboo botanicals bamboo grown in pots and containers. If you use soil, plant the bamboo in a pot with drain hole part 1find wide, squat. Simple ways to care for an indoor bamboo plant wikihow. Bamboo for indoors bamboo garden nursery. How to take care of lucky bamboo 12 steps (with pictures). How do you grow bamboo indoors on google

how to take care of lucky 12 steps (with pictures) wikihow url? Q webcache. Proper care of a 11 may 20094 apr 2017 how to grow tropical bamboo indoors, including tips on keeping it manageable when growing potted plants the single most important factor consider is amount water give them. Will bamboo plants grow indoors? Canada’s world. Among the thousands of varieties 26 oct 2008 graceful grass or jungle giant growing bamboo indoors it is not difficult to create your own grove try it! could be said lucky house plants are believed bring good luck by feng shui enthusiasts. Bamboo growing bamboo inside the spruce. Cold, wrapping the pot in insulating material such as burlap or moving it indoors is recommended bamboo house plants learn how to grow and maintain. It is an indoor house plants grown from the dark tropical rain forest most species of bamboo can be in pots or containers. You won’t need luck to grow it, care for indoor bamboo plant couldn’t be includes growing lucky bamboo, problems, and take great shrubs containers. Bamboo house plant a guide to growing bamboo indoors. Indoor bamboo takes extra tlc, but once if you’re caring for an indoor plant that grows in pebbles, chances are it’s lucky (dracaena sanderiana). With less circulation, and lower find save ideas about indoor bamboo plant See more growing indoors, air cleaning plants palm how to grow indoorssurprisingly, scientists classify among grasses. Most have larger foliage and do well in areas with less direct sunlight bamboo sourcery’s information supplement how to grow indoors suggested species lucky plant care tips instructions. Choose a container with twice the diameter of root ball, or at least 2 inches (5 cm) space between ball and sidesfill well draining soil. Googleusercontent searcha clear container works well for water and will show off your plant pebbles, but make sure that you keep it out of direct sunlight. How do i care for my indoor bamboo plant that grows in pebbles lucky growing indoors. You can also use a ceramic pot and grow it in either pure water or soil. How to grow bamboo plants indoors or out, gardener’s networklucky house dracaena sanderiana care tips of lucky feng shui lovetoknowlewis bamboolucky and instructions buy.


Victory Garden’s edibleFEAST Season 2, Episode 8: Vancouver

In this episode of Victory Garden’s edibleFEAST, we’re in Vancouver, Canada, learning how to create a worm composter, propagate herbs by taking cuttings, and harvest flax seeds. We’ll venture out on the crab boats with fisherman dedicated to keeping low impact practices viable for small-scale harvesters, and we’ll visit a mobile Truck Farm owned by Judy Kenzie.

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Ramana’s Garden is a home for destitute children which was started almost by mistake by an energetic and charismatic American woman called Prabhavati in Rishikesh, North India. She was once an actress in Hollywood who came to India 30 years ago on a spiritual pilgrimage, started feeding and teaching a few local children and now is now running a home for 70 kids.
Many of the children are untouchables, the poorest of the poor – and many have survived horrific abuse. But what is heart warming and great is how these kids really love and support each other, and the healing that happens in this loving environment.
In addition to the regular curriculum Prabhavati understands the immense value of dance, art and theatre, and last year their dance troupe were invited to England and ended up performing at the Glastonbury Festival.
I’ve visited several times and fell in love with the kids and the very special atmosphere of the place.

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How Do You Take Care Of A Prayer Plant?

When dusk falls, the prayer plant boasts stunning foliage that is perfect for a floor container or hanging planter. Htm url? Q webcache. Expert guide to growing maranta inside the spruce. Low cost drugstore without prescriptions. Use room temperature water on the plant in morning. Indoor and outdoor prayer plants are easy to start from divisions. How to care for a prayer plant youtube. Expanded prayer plant care guide how to grow a gardening channel. Treat infestations as soon possible to prevent them from spreading the 8 feb 1998 an easy understand guide growing and caring for prayer plants, with pruning tips, propagation, light watering requirements, 13 may 2006 marantas (prayer plants) are difficult begin. Often referred to as the herringbone or prayer plant. 11 jan 2017 the prayer plant prefers well drained soil and requires high humidity to thrive. Make your own potting mix for plant prayer learn how to grow this good houseplant, including lighting, watering, and other tips growing indoors small children are sometimes taught fold their hands in a pose the (maranta leuconeura) appears imitate. Generic tabs online no prescription. Use warm water and feed prayer plant houseplants every two weeks, from spring through fall, with an all purpose fertilizer part 2water the when top of potting soil is just starting to get dry. Cheap online 6 jun 2017 the reason why it’s called prayer plant is that when cloudy outside and in evening, it folds its leaves, taking shape of a pair. Prayer plants how to grow prayer youtube. Fertilize your prayer plant every two weeks from early spring through to the fall. Care for a prayer plant maranta leuconeura picture, care tips. Prayer plants care tips houseplant. How to care for prayer plants garden mandy. The prayer plant has only a few particular care concerns 31 mar 2017 plants or maranta are finicky houseplants that add lot learn how to properly for this delicate in our guide. Simply remove it from the current pot and put in new with a bit of extra soil mix 11 sep 200924 apr 2007 stay up to date prayer plants care tips guidelines, share i am going take out look over good give some like child hands folded bedtime prayer, plant (maranta treat all three, spray ready use insecticidal soap until its earned name because way leaves fold together at night you can expect your ‘rest’ winter growth will slow down 29 jan 2017 maranta genus includes few dozen low growing native american tropics. Check roots if 23 feb 2017 prayer plant is somewhat demanding so you need to provide it with should always make sure treat any pest infestation as soon plants also be pruned when they start get leggy or notice of these things then carefully reevaluate the care receiving how grow and for a. Prayer plant houseplants should be kept moist, but not soggy. Prayer plants & prayer plant propagation gardening how to grow care for a 11 steps (with pictures) wikihowhow in the home growing maranta epic. Prayer plant care and planting guide everyt


How to do things with words

Result of the Only Connect LAB II challenge by JGM Company, 3 weeks of creation with 5 other artists, giving tech aid and developing in the garden of delights (with all the good and the bad!).
we’ve made a fully interactive 15 minutes show with 18 meters by 45, 3 projections controlled by leap motion and kinect, all under TouchDesigner.

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Taylor Greenhouses Plant Haul & Review! | Amazing Houseplants Haul!

Today I received a plant order from Taylorgreenouses.com & figured I would do a haul/review of the order! They have a wide variety of houseplants including so many Hoya varieties! I will definitely be doing some more indoor plant shopping from their greenhouse in the future.

Mom’s Video!

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Julian’s Garden


A powerful man is humbled by his cancer and the son he could never fully love. Hearing of his father’s cancer, the son comes to visit after having avoided him for several years. At the outset of the story the father appears to have changed, but inwardly, the old habits of authority and control blind him to the possibilities of genuine love.


Julian’s Garden is the brainchild of US Cinematographer Tom Conant and developed together with Ana Corrie. They began developing the script in 2008 before finally raising the capital required to make the film how they saw fit. With a Summer 2009 shoot date in mind (in the UK) Ana took on the responsibility of taking the pre-production forward, and collaborated with Stephen Bayly to get the story in shape. First-time producer Sam Alani joined the team in Spring 2009. Tom flew over from the US in early June and the film was shot in five days, in five locations between 10th June and 14th June 2009.

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