Shu’s Garden — Launch Trailer

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Grow your own garden playground with Shu, a bouncy alien who nourishes the soil wherever she rolls. Shu can shrink really small then release her energy and jump high into the air. Plant blossoms stick to her and she can shake them off in new locations to plant the seeds. Plants grow as the days pass, but remember that plants need nutrition to stay healthy and grow tall.

Little ones will enjoy exploring and playing on this mysterious planet while learning to care for their own garden. Children will see how plants need nutrition to grow and stay healthy, how mature plants produce seeds and how planting those seeds in new locations grows new plants.

The game has no explicit goals, and instead the player’s imagination is the engine behind the gameplay. Children will come to understand that a garden is a personal space free to craft as they please according to their own notions of order and beauty. And of course, there’s always the joy of rolling and bouncing!

So sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Shu’s Garden. You may even find you want to squeeze in some play time for yourself.

• A large planet to bounce around.
• 18 different plants and flowers to decorate with.
• Play with Ira, Shu’s best friend.
• Explore deep ponds and bounce into orbit.
• Find ancient relics and strange creatures.
• No in-app purchases or ads.

1. Tilt the device left to roll left & right to roll right.
• Wherever Shu rolls she nourishes the soil.

2. Touch the screen to shrink down & release to jump into the air.
• The longer you hold down, the higher Shu can jump up!

3. Jump into mature blossoms (the ones glowing) to collect them on Shu’s body.

4. Shake the device over an open area of land to release the seeds.

5. Touch Shu’s face in the lower corner to open her mouth wide and suck in any plants she passes! This is good for pruning the look of the garden.

Shu’s Garden is created by Colin Sanders (design, sound, music) & Jason RT Bond (design, art, animation), but important contributions were made by Ami Matsuda (voice, Japanese translation), Mike Bond (grass) and Ornella Bertrand (French translation). All of them live in Toronto, Canada.

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The Drought-Defying California Garden: 230 Native Plants for a Lush, Low-Water Landscape

Price: $18.95 - $12.34
(as of Aug 31,2018 00:13:31 UTC – Details)

A must-have for every gardener in California looking for a new way to garden in a changing climate

In recent years California has been facing extreme drought, and in 2015 they passed state-wide water restrictions that affect home owners. Unfortunately the drought is only going to get worse, and gardeners who aren’t willing to abandon their beloved pastime entirely are going to have to learn how to garden with the absolute minimum of water. The Drought-Defying California Garden highlights the best 230 plants to grow, shares advice on how to get them established, and offers tips on how to maintain them with the minimum amount of water. All of the plants are native to California—making them uniquely adept at managing the harsh climate—and include perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, and succulents.

How to Plant Hens and Chicks Sempervivum
Planting Hens and Chicks succulents is easy and they require little maintenance. Sempervivum are very hardy and drought resistant plants. They can be grown throughout the US and with red sempervivum, black, cobweb sempervivum, and thousands of cultivars in every other color, texture and size they can quickly become addictive.

Hens and Chicks can be grown in planters, rock walls, path ways, and anywhere else you can imagine.

Youngs Nursery in Oregon has been stunning their customers with colorful Sempervivum tectorum plants for years. Youngs has hens and chicks for sale of some of the most amazing varieties: Bronco, Arachnoides, Purple Beauty, Calcareum, and many more. Check them out on our site

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my 88 houseplants in the kitchen / plant haul growth updates /

I have 88 houseplants in my kitchen currently. Alot of these came from plant hauls over this past winter. I wanted to give you guys a houseplant tour of my kitchen plants that sit in southern and southwest facing windows and also a north facing window. Please leave me any questions in the comments! I love chatting with y’all about plants.


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Garden Hoppers Scenario

This an interactive prototype of a social network called “Garden Hoppers.”

Garden Hoppers is a is a social networking space designed for people who want to share and exchange what is being grown in their own backyard gardens or homes. At the Garden Hoppers site, members can do several things:
. share and exchange both edible and non–edible goods (i.e. herbs, flowers, pottery)
. share knowledge about how to cultivate their plants
. share recipes and stories
. build networks and sub–networks

Garden Hoppers is meant to be a friendly web environment that has the potential to create closer–knit community networks in the real world. The idea of a “neighbor” can be redefined and strengthened.

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Gardening for Birds, Butterflies, and Bees: Everything you need to Know to Create a wildlife Habitat in your Backyard

Price: $17.99 - $12.23
(as of Aug 28,2018 22:08:24 UTC – Details)

Whether you’re installing a new garden bed or trying to attract orioles for the first time, it helps to start with the right information. And here it is! In this book, experts and readers from North America’s #1 Bird and Garden Magazine, Birds & Blooms, give their tried-and-true advice.

Attracting birds and butterflies has never been simpler—plus you’ll get the latest tips and advice for supporting the dwindling bee population, which experts say is essential for the future of gardening. Inside this book, you’ll find irresistible plants for birds, butterflies, and bees, creative garden designs for year-round beauty, and our top plant lists to take the guesswork out of gardening.

Birds, butterflies and bees rely on plants, trees and shrubs to survive and thrive. That’s why doing your part for the environment by establishing critter-friendly areas in your own backyard is so crucial. 

This book, brought to you by the editors of Birds & Blooms magazine, can serve as your guide to attracting new visitors to your landscape. Birds & Blooms has helped lead the trend we like to call “gardening with a purpose” for over 20 years. We’ve always recognized the importance of going beyond just the beauty of a garden, and purposefully choosing flowers, trees and shrubs specifically for their environmental benefits.
            Birds count on healthy trees and plants as natural food sources and nesting sites. Butterflies need nectar-rich blooms for nourishment. Very specific host plants are key to caterpillar survival. And as bee populations decline, flowers that provide nectar and pollen are more essential than ever. Each of these creatures requires natural shelter as well, which trees and shrubs readily provide.
            All of the 250+ featured plants are not only gorgeous and colorful, but they offer a lot of environmental benefits, too. We made sure to include amazing photos of every plant we’re recommending, so you’ll be able to see what each plant looks like and immediately know if it’s a good fit for your garden.
            We even went a step further and put together some handy symbols to help you achieve the wildlife-friendly backyard of your dreams. Look for the symbols next to each plant profile to discover what the plant will attract. (Some plants are a triple whammy and attract birds, butterflies and bees!) For extra guidance, check the light-requirement symbols. You’ll be able to quickly see if a plant should be grown in shade, part-shade or full sun—vital info you need to know to create a great habitat.
             Throughout this book, we’ve highlighted about 70 bird species and 35 butterfly species you might see in your space. Have fun identifying all of the birds, butterflies and bees in your own backyard!


BriteLabs LED Grow Light for Indoor House Plants and Garden, 20W Plant Lights with 40 Red Blue Spectrum LEDs, Adjustable Dual Head Gooseneck Growing Lamps with Stand, 9 Dimmable Levels 3/9/12H Timer

Price: $27.97
(as of Aug 27,2018 12:43:01 UTC – Details)

BriteLabs LED Grow Light is perfect for indoor plants, boasting 9 dimmer levels that can be tailored to the specific needs of both potted and hanging plants. No matter their developmental stages, these plant lights make sure that your precious plants get the help they need. Thanks to the adjustable gooseneck light kit and stand, wider areas can be covered in any direction.

Additionally, our LED Grow Light Panel has an upgraded red and blue spectrum assignment. Now it has 26 red lights and 14 blue ones to improve the condition of plants in both indoor gardens and commercial greenhouses. The timer can also be set to 3, 9, and 12 hours, depending on whatever the plants require for optimal growth.

The 14 blue lights help encourage vegetative leaf growth in plants. This means that plants receiving plenty of blue light are guaranteed strong, healthy leaves. Combined with red lights, which is responsible for making the plants produce fruit, the blue lights will allow plants to flower too. As you know, these lights are also essential to the plants’ early life for the development of bulbs and roots, as well as seed germination.

This adjustable lamp is powered through a USB connector, so it’s virtually possible to charge it anytime, anywhere, even without any electrical outlets in sight. You may also charge it using power banks and computers. A standalone USB power adapter is included in the package for your convenience.

A real breakthrough in the hydroponics world, BriteLabs LED Grow Light benefits more than hanging plants or plants in pots. It can also sustain aquarium plants in households and offices, all day and night if necessary.

Material: PVC
Rated Power: 20 Watts
Input Voltage: 5V
LED Chips Ratio: (Red : Blue) = 26 : 14
Red Light Wavelength: 630 nm
Blue Light Wavelength: 460 nm
Lifetime: 50000 hours
Light + Neck: 10.43″ + 15.35″
USB Cord: Approx. 61″
Suitable Distance from Lamp to Plant: 0.95-4.05ft[FULL SPECTRUM PANELS] – 24 Red LED 16 Blue LED chips emitting across two lighting strips, powerful enough for the plants to grow and thrive. Turn your house plants into green and succulent ones with these LED grow light fixtures and bulbs. The lighted tube bars provide perfect supplemental lighting on plants requiring additional intensity to grow. Also offer great utility and coverage for indoor plants with lower light needs. Ideal for cultivators to use for both indoor grows or greenhouses.
[STURDY & FLEXIBLE ARMS] – Ensure lamps stay securely locked in position over long days. Flexible gooseneck arms can be adjusted to up to 360 degrees so you can position the light in any direction. This maximizes the growth of seedlings, and looks after your potted plants, succulent plants or hanging ones. Make use of the adjustable mounting clip to clamp onto desk or tape onto a tabletop, in order to leave the lamp standing.
[UPGRADED DIMMABLE MODES] – Ideal for different growth cycles. Control or adjust the intensity of light via the controller switch, as some plants require higher or lower intensity than the others. With 9 dimmable levels, it also offers the flexibility of being able to turn red and blue lights on or off as needed during the growth cycle of your indoor plants. Works on any phase of plant growth too, and increases the quality of your indoor plant and even the size of your flowering pods.
[AUTOMATIC TIMER FUNCTION] – These LED plant lamps can be set to automatically turn off after 3, 9, or 12 hours, depending on the particular requirements of your indoor plants. Once it’s powered off, it has to be manually turned back on. By using the LED lights for your plants, you already save time and money. But with an indispensable safety feature such as the automatic timer, you significantly save more time and further reduce your energy bills.
[ONE YEAR WARRANTY] – We stand by our products, and to give you peace of mind when making a purchase, we offer an iron-clad one-year warranty. BriteLabs LED Lights are specifically engineered for easy use, and made with superior-quality materials that are designed to endure the test of time. In the rare event that you experience any issue with our products within a year after purchase, we will be more than happy to replace them free of charge or give your money back.

Garden for Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation naturalist David Mizejewski shares how each of us can make a difference for wildlife by restoring habitat right in your own garden. Whether you’re in the city, suburbs or country, each of us can do simple things to help wildlife and then certify our gardens with National Wildlife Federation as official wildlife habitats. Presented by the G2 Gallery and Dan and Susan Gottlieb. Directed, filmed and edited by Erik Friedl.

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