Jake Morrell – Garden Daze

As soon as Jake sent me the track I knew exactly the kind of vibe I wanted for the video and it turned out just how I had planned.

On the day of the shoot we went out to look for a suitable location. As soon as I saw this bit of woodland from the roadside I knew it was the right place to shoot.

This shoot was nice and relaxed compared to most of my other shoots recently and went smoothly. The only thing we had to be careful of was the light changing at the wrong time but we managed it!

BBQ afterwards went down a treat also!

Great voice, great guy. Look forward to working with him again soon.

For general enquires/equipment list/rates please email me at lifeisartfilms@live.co.uk

Chris Porter

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The Gardener’s Bed-Book: Short and Long Pieces to Be Read in Bed by Those Who Love Green Growing Things (Modern Library Gardening)

Price: $17.00 - $15.46
(as of Oct 30,2018 10:58:52 UTC – Details)

First published in 1929, The Gardener’s Bed-Book is a much beloved gardening classic by the renowned editor of House & Garden magazine in the 1920s and ’30s. Each of its 365 perfectly sized little essays is meant to be read in bed at night after a long day’s work, either real or imagined, in the garden. A charming and mischievously funny companion to curl up with, Wright ranges comfortably—and lyrically—from giving gardening advice to meditating on such topics as antique collecting and travel, great literature and architecture. He is an addictive delight, as memorable describing the challenges of growing plume poppies as he is the simple pleasure of hanging up the dish towel once the housework is done. Written in language that is as timeless as it is seductive, The Gardener’s Bed-Book will appeal to gardening experts and armchair enthusiasts alike.

This Modern Library edition is published with a new Introduction by Dominique Browning, the editor in chief of House & Garden and author of Around the House and in the Garden and the forthcoming Paths of Desire: The Passions of a Suburban Gardener.

Over-watering Cannabis Plants: Diagnosis & Prevention

Today I’m going to talk over watering your marijuana plants; a far more common problem than under-watering in the world of plant care. How it happens, how to diagnose it and how to avoid it. We’ll be talking about checking the moisture of your soil, using drain holes, improving ventilation (and thus humidity and evaporation rate) and other methods to ensure this doesn’t happen to you as a grower.

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How To Measure Your Garden

A tutorial video made for Christine Pritchard Garden Design, a garden design and landscape company based in Somerset, England, http://www.christinepritchard.co.uk.

Shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and recorded on an Atomos Ninja 2 in Avid DNxHD format. Sound was recorded with a Rode VideoMic Pro and a Rode Lavalier.

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Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

Price: $29.95 - $28.03
(as of Oct 28,2018 08:58:11 UTC – Details)

This gorgeously illustrated guide to gardening contains the tips and techniques needed to produce beautiful flowers, top-quality herbs, and appetizing, wholesome fruits and vegetables. Explore the latest methods for cultivation without chemicals, discover the benefits of composting, and learn how to maintain an organic garden year-round. Packed with stunning photography throughout, you’ll be see why the organic gardening movement can create beautiful results equal to, and more often superior than, gardening with pesticides.

The Rodale Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening is the complete, comprehensive guide to a natural and chemical-free garden. Whether you’re an experienced gardener looking to go organic, or a beginner wanting to create a healthy, natural garden, this guide has all the advice you need to turn your garden into thing of natural beauty, safe for kids, pets, and wildlife. The Rodale Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening is your invitation to organic gardening for spectacular, all-natural results.

PolyPediaOnline TV FREE Tutorial – How to create faux enamelling using embossing powders – 2 polymer clay projects

PolyPediaOnline FREE Tutorial – How to create faux enamelling using embossing powders – 2 polymer clay projects

Welcome to another FREE PolyPediaOnline TV Tutorial!

Learn how to turn your old & boring metal findings into fashionable, colorful and elegant elements!
In this express tutorial we are going to use simple metal washers and other findings and transform them into fancy elements for your jewelry and beads.

For the projects we will need –
>> A heating gun;
>> Embossing stamp;
>> Embossing powders in all kind of colors, textures or patterns
>> Stencils (optional)
>> & your metal findings.

Have fun!
Iris Mishly

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Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial – INKredible Garden Walkway Beads & Bracelet (eBook+Video)

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Flower Academy’s Baby’s Breath flower tutorial

Polymer Clay Flowers Tutorial – Ray of Daisy Flower, Baby’s Breath flower & Singing Sunflower “Flower Academy” (eBook+Videos)

PolyPediaOnline FREE Tutorial – How to create faux enamelling using embossing powders – 2 polymer clay projects

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Jupiter Artland, contemporary sculpture garden, Edinburgh – Anaglyph

3D Video – Jupiter Artland, contemporary sculpture garden, Edinburgh

This video is a slideshow of still images from Jupiter Artland in West Lothian just outside Edinburgh. Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture garden in the grounds of Bonnington House, outside Edinburgh. Works by many leading artists have been commissioned and then constructed in situ, with the relationship of each artwork to its topographical location being a crucial feature.

The Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel is an online 3D TV channel dedicated to showing the best in creative stereoscopic 3D videos and 3d animations.

Enhanced Dimensions is proud to present some of the best stereoscopic 3d videos on YouTube and Vimeo.


If you are interested in learning how to create Stereo 3-d videos, or how to convert 2d to 3d movies using Adobe After Effects please visit enhanced-dimensions.com/wordpress for comprehensive tutorials.


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Stereoscopic 3D Videos from Enhanced DImensions are available to download in TriDef Above Below format, GeForce 3D Visions Side by Side and Anaglyph formats from enhanced-dimensions.com/wordpress

For more info on Enhanced Dimensions:
Contact us on 3d@enhanced-dimensions.com

The Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTube

The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on Vimeo

The Stereoscopic 3D Channel TESTBED on Vimeo

Built and tested for Cyan Red 3D Glasses in Adobe After Effects.

A 3D Stereoscopic Production for Enhanced Dimensions by Andrew Murchie.

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Zombie Gardening Teaching Guide

Price: 00.00
(as of Oct 26,2018 06:57:22 UTC – Details)

The Zombie Gardening Teaching Guide will provide a framework on utilizing the book, Zombie Gardening, to introduce basic plant identification and gardening to your audiences. The content of the teaching guide is versatile and can be as basic as plant identification or as detailed as transect mapping of invasive species. Throughout the lesson, there are opportunities for teachers to differentiate the instruction based on the level of their students. This teaching guide includes a lesson plan, teaching tips, foraging scenario cards, a classroom foraging guide, and an indoor foraging option to help all teachers have a successful Zombie Gardening adventure anytime, anywhere.