25 Indoor Plants for Low Light

25 Indoor Plants for Low Light

Philodendron, Heartleaf
Probably the most popular houseplant in the world, heartleaf philodendron, Philodendron hederaceum, is super tolerant of dark interiors.

Often confused with Philodendron, pothos, Epipremnum aureum, will thrive in any room of your home as long as you keep it out of full sun. It’s an easy-care vining plant that you can train onto a trellis or allow to tumble over the edge of a hanging basket.

ZZ Plant
Looking for a houseplant that tolerates dark corners and neglect? Check out ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

Parlor Palm
Popular since the Victorian era, parlor palm, Chamaedorea elegans, is a slow-growing Mexican native that does well in low-light situations. It grows 4 feet tall and makes a bold statement in any room.

Boston Fern
Ever since they were first discovered in the late 1800’s, Boston ferns, Nephrolepis exaltata, have played an important role in interior design. These gorgeous plants develop bright green, arching fronds that look great in urns or baskets.

When it comes to colorful leaves, few houseplants offer as many options as Dieffenbachia. These gorgeous tropical plants feature a wide range of speckled or splotched leaves in either yellow-and-green or white-and-green.

Although Gloxinia can’t survive in a completely dark room, it will bloom beautifully anywhere it can receive bright, indirect light away from full sun.

Create a tropical getaway in your living room with Monstera deliciosa. Occasionally called Swiss cheese plant, Monstera produces huge, bright green, attractively cut leaves.

Cast Iron Plant
Here’s a houseplant that truly lives up to its name. Cast iron plant, Aspidistra elatior, thrives on neglect and lives happily in dark rooms with only occasional watering. Plus, this rugged plant spreads slowly,

Corn Plant
There’s no mistaking where this handsome houseplant got its common name. Corn plant, Dracaena fragrans, produces straplike leaves that bear a strong resemblance to sweet corn.

Aglaonema, red
Over the past few years red Aglaonema has taken the houseplant world by storm. With spectacular red-pink-and-green leaves, this new introduction will brighten even the darkest room.

Peace Lily
Easy and elegant: that’s how we describe peace lily. This low-light houseplant sends up pure white flower spaths on tall, graceful stems. Peace lily also has shiny green foliage that looks great even when the plants aren’t blooming.

Prayer Plant
Brighten the dark corners of your home with the cheerful foliage of prayer plant, Maranta leuconeura. This easy-care charmer sports variegated green-and-cream leaves with bright red veins.

English Ivy
Perfect for a hanging basket or urn, the trailing foliage of English ivy is a great choice if you want to lush up a dull room. English ivy comes in a wide variety of leaf colors and shapes and thrives in low light.

Dracaena Tricolor
One of the most colorful members of the dracaena family, variety ‘Tricolor’ has beautiful, straplike red-green-and-cream leaves that add a touch of elegance to any room of your house. ‘Tricolor’ is often sold as a standard (tree form) in different heights so you can cluster several together to create a miniature forest.

Arrowhead Vine
Native to Central America, arrowhead vine, Syngonium podophyllum, can tolerate a wide range of low-light conditions. Its handsome foliage can be bright green, bronze, or variegated.

Perfect for terrariums or dish gardens, Peperomia grows only 4-10 inches tall and offers a wide selection of different leaf shapes and colors. This plant grows best in medium to low light. It has few insect or disease problems.

Orchid, moth
Add a touch of elegance to any room in your home with Phalaenopis, commonly called moth orchid. These easy-care beauties hold their blooms for up to four months and are ideal for low-light locations.

The bold, red, pink, orange, white, or purple flowers of Anthurium are a welcome treat during the dark days of winter. These tropical beauties don’t like overly dry or wet soils, so it’s important to keep the soil slightly moist at all times.

Ponytail Palm
Perfect for any room in your house, ponytail palm, Beaucarnea recurvata, is virtually indestructible. It’s a fascinating and unusual plant with long straplike leaves sprouting from a large,

Spider Plant
Don’t let the common name of this amazing houseplant scare you off. Spider plant, also called airplane plant, gets its name from the many runners it sends out with baby plants at the tips.

Yucca Cane




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