9GreenBox – Superba Robusta Snake Plant – Sanseveria – Impossible to kill! – 4″ Pot

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Is a flowering plant species in the family Asparagaceae.Natively found in tropical West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo.Snake Plant is a plant that lives for more than two years forming dense stands.It’s stiff leaves grows vertically from a circular arrangement of leaves.Snake Plant can survive low light level, lack of rain and have few insect problems.Snake Plant it is now used typically as decorative purposes in gardens and landscape design, outdoors in warmer climates , and indoors as houseplant in cooler climates.SNAKE PLANT – also known as ”Mother-in-law-tounge” one of the toughest house plant, can stand in any conditions from dark to bright. In China, it is believed to be the plant where the Eight Gods bestowed their eight virtues to those who grew them. Snake Plant can help in air purification and usually placed near the entrance of the house or in restaurants following the manner of fengShui. Adaptable and easy to care plant. All-time favourite as an indoor plant and is one of the best houseplants
GROWING A SNAKE PLANT – growing a snake plant doesn’t required much attention like other plants, it’s growth is still developing either you placed it to a dark or bright area. Snake Plant being one of the though plant doesn’t mean that it won’t be needing water anymore, like other plants Snake Plant requires an exact amount of water when the soil is dry and don’t do over watering because it can cause the plant to die
PRUNING – In maintaining the height of your Snake Plant in your preference, you can cut the individual leaves which you think is too tall or longer. This won’t affect the growth of your Snake Plant because the short ones will keep growing and preserve the character of the plant. If you want to develop more Snake Plant you can use the prune leaves and put it on an another pot
9GreenBox Superba Robusta Snake Plant – Sanseveria that you will be receiving in your purchase is potted in a 4” inch pot
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