A Plant with Purpose: How To Care For Aloe Vera

I would hazard a guess to say that Aloe Vera is the most widely sold succulent the world over. This beneficial plant with purpose is really easy to grow in your home & in the garden so stay tuned because there are care tips coming your way.
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Yes it’s true, this plant has been used for 1000’s of years & is still favored today. You find it in many homes & gardens & it also goes by many other names as well – Aloe barbadensis, First Aid Plant, True Aloe, African Aloe, Burn Plant and Miracle Plant, to mention a few.

My Aloe veras grow in pots year round outdoors & I hardly do a thing to them in terms of care. They also make fine houseplants (so fine that it’s included in my houseplant care book – see the link below) & are particularly handy to have growing in the kitchen. If you burn yourself that soothing fresh gel contained in the leaves is right there waiting for you. Head’s up because there are 2 important things you need to know to grow them successfully in your home. Hint, hint: they’re listed under the 1st 2 care tips in the post.

Get more tips plus see pics here: http://www.joyusgarden.com/plant-purpose-care-tips-aloe-vera/
See how I propagated & repotted my Aloe vera in this post & video here: http://www.joyusgarden.com/2-wyas-made-aloe-vera-whole-lot-happier/
My houseplant care book: http://www.joyusgarden.com/keep-houseplants-alive/


45 Replies to “A Plant with Purpose: How To Care For Aloe Vera”

  1. I made a mistake and left mine out during a 2 day freeze. The leaves turned plump & brown and fell over. Although the base of the plant was predominantly green. Is it safe just to cut the brown portions off the leaves? It is now in my garage and receives light in the late mornings and early afternoons with 60 degree temp.

  2. Mam I live in England and it’s cold weather here I put my aloe plant in kitchen there’s no sun but it’s quite bright and I’m confused about giving it water as u told once in a month but I heard I should put water every week kindly could u suggest me

  3. Great info! I've always used aloe externally, I just recently started adding the gel to my carrot juice. I have lots, and never did much more than water it. Now I'm adding my worm castings to it. I'm hoping this will make them all larger. I have 3 different varieties, different shades of green and sizes. Thank-You! Great to meet you!

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  5. Got mine under led full spectrum 300watt loves it grown 2x the size in just 1month ready for repotting got sum pups aswell really nice green lookin plump leafs I give water 1 time a week then every 2weeks bio bizz grow in coco coi soil plant loves it 👌

  6. Ok, so I just got an aloe Vera plant from my grandmother and I pulled a piece off and I that's when I notice the onion smell. The smell is only in the inside of the plant. It's not as strong on/in the gel but literally inside the stem thingy. I don't smell it in the soil or anything else but inside the stem part. And my grandmother said the plant doesn't need to be in the sun, is that true? Please help!

  7. Thanks so much for the help! I just got a very beautiful aloe plant in a very pretty ceramic like glass pot. I just set her in my window that is too lighted, so thanks for saving her life lol. She is very healthy looking but slightly lop sided, is that normal?

  8. WOW I did not know aloe vera has flower XD I adopted my neighbor's aloe vera when they moved back to their country, it's huge now, so I thought I should look into ways to prune it and stuffs.

  9. I moved my skinny aloe to my south face picture window and now the leaves are going light brown and soft . I wasn't touching the window , but now I am afraid I might loose it . What to I do?

  10. July, 2017
    I have a plant that as far as I know ( despite my lack of knowledge ) has kept itself alive for at least 30 plus years !!!
    My concern is the color……It is not quite the robust JADE that it used to be…. The thing is HUGE, I've repotted it any number of times, But, it is simply dull in color.
    It's outside now, but when indoors; kept in a place where it gets ''pretty good '' lighting.
    Just the color. I have never added fertilizer, rather, allowing it to thrive on neglect.
     Any ideas ???

  11. Hello! I have an Aloe. I found your video so informative so thank you. But I have a quick question, what does it mean if one of the leafs have a massive black dot on the bottom of it? And what do I do about that?

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