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How to Care for a Prayer Plant.
How to Re-potting prayers plants.

About Prayers Plants.——

Prayer plants, also known as Maranta leuconeura, are colorful perennials, ideal for rooms on the east or north side of your house where light levels are generally low. They have oval-shaped leaves splashed with bright green or pink blotches or stripes and can be grown in hanging pots or set on a table. In the evening and on cloudy days, prayer plants fold their leaves together like hands held in prayer. They can be grown outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 11 and 12 but are generally grown as houseplants everywhere.

How to Replant–

potting mix for your plant—-

soil- 60% well drain soil. +40 % sand

How to care prayers plants—

Put your plant in a shallow container that has drain holes in the bottom. Prayer plants are shallow-rooted plants. So, if they are planted in a deep container with too much soil below its roots, the soil stays soggy for too long and they will develop root rot. If you are potting your plant, always use a container with drain holes so the water can drain from the roots and the soil.

Place your plant in indirect sunlight. You can hang or set your prayer plant near a window where it will get indirect sunlight. Never set your plant in direct sunlight as the sun will bleach the plant’s leaves.


Water the prayer plant when the top of the potting soil is just starting to get dry. The soil should never be allowed to dry out completely. Not enough water and overwatering can cause the leaves to turn yellow and drop from the plant.
If the leaves begin to turn yellow, water the plant less often if the soil is still wet or more often if the soil appears dry between waterings.



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