Bird Of Paradise Plant Care Tips

In So Cal this plant, with its bright, bold & recognizable flowers, is ubiquitous. It’s found growing alongside sidewalks & the streets, by the sea, poolside, in parking strips, in container plantings as well as in lots & lots of gardens.

You can get all the tips, mainly for outdoor care with some pointers for indoor care towards the end, outlined here:

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Strelitzia reginae, known as the Bird Of Paradise is common but loved nonetheless so much so that it’s the official flower of the city of Los Angeles.

This plant is really easy to care for outdoors (it’s 1 tough puppy) but is a little more of a challenge indoors. If you like bold tropical foliage & big bright blooms then it’s so well worth the effort!

You can get all the tips, mainly for outdoor care with some pointers for indoor care towards the end, outlined here:


30 Replies to “Bird Of Paradise Plant Care Tips”

  1. Official plant of Los Angeles.!!!?? REALLY?? *Well – just for the record: this plant (Strelitzia regina) — is indigenous to SOUTH AFRICA!!! How does a plant like this becomes the 'official' plant of a city — if the plant is indigenous to a country — thousands of kilometres away!!?? *Only in America — I suppose!! (?) 👏

  2. I have grown a couple from seed. They took about 6 years to flower so these are very special plants to me and incredibly beautiful. I live on a very small island called Jersey (not The American one 😎 ) 9 x 5 miles in size Thanks for posting information 🇯🇪💐

  3. hi, I live in canada and at my local garden shop they have some white flower ones for sale, I know you say they flower better root bound, but if I put them in the ground in the summer would they do well and FLOWER? or is it best to just bury it in its pot so it looks like it's in the Ground? thanks

  4. I recently planted my 3 year old potted birds and they are doing well. However there is one that started to 'split' (looking like two plants) while in the pot. My question is: Can I divide this split-looking Bird into TWO plants. If so, what's the best way to divide a bird. Thank you.

  5. hi,ihave a bop that in a 20in pot for about 5 years and dosnt bloom just started fertilizing every 2 wks its been 6 wks and no flowers do i need to wait more or is there something else i can do to help it,thanks

  6. I live in San Diego and just purchased 6, they are about 3 feet tall and very young. How far should I space them in my back yard ? Thank you and keep up the great videos.

  7. Hi, I am in Maryland. I have a potted BOP for 25 years that blooms every January indoors. We move it outside from May to October. Another site says it can tolerate winter temps into the teens and twenties if mulched heavily. What do you think? Will it survive under snow?

  8. I just purchased my bird of paradise and I'm wondering can I put it indoors ina pot without drainage holes and use self draining soil or I must use pot with drainage holes I get so confused with that because the pots I buy be so fancy I go ahead and repot the plant ther but should I be using a plastic drainage pot then insert into the ceramic pot? PLEASE HELP LOL

  9. I live in Canada and I have a bird of paradise plant which flowers every year when I bring it inside for the winter but I have a problem with the leaves growing too tall (6 ft) and bending over .

  10. I noticed that the flower stalks sometimes comes out the side of the leaf stalk about 1/3 of the way up it. There is a distinct outer layer that marks where it comes from. Don't know how to better describe it. So wouldn't that mean we cut just above that, just in case a flower stalk is about to pop out?

  11. Thanks Nell! This video was very spot on and helpful. You had my full attention when you mentioned that the plant takes a couple years to catch on because I, actually, planted mine approximately 5 years ago and I'm just seeing blooms this season. 🙂

    I am in the "dry" SoCal Region, where rain has been reduced to a bare minimum. Could you recommend other hearty plants that I use in my flower beds that could withstand the dry climate?

  12. We have a Bird of Paradise plant with many plants 15 +/- in the group. I would like to thin out and remove some of the smaller plants for transplanting. How do I remove some of the small plants for transplanting? I would also give them away as gifts.
    Van Vick

  13. Hi Nell, thanks for the advice on transplanting my bird of paradise. Does this apply to all plants? Or just tropicals? I never know when is a good time to transfer potted plants into the ground. It makes me nervous, I think I may harm them if I do it at the wrong time. Thanks !

  14. Hi Nell, hope you're doing well. I've had a bird of paradise plant in a pot for about a year now, but I'd like to transplant it into the ground to start a tropical garden in my backyard. What would be the best time of the year to transplant it? I live in northern California, by the way.

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