Bonsai Tree Food or Bonzie Tree Fertilizer for Bonzia Soil, Live Zen Bonsai, Japanese Tree, Banzai Tree Indoor, Bonsai Tree Kits, Banzai Tree Pot, All-Natural Worm Tea, Not Pellet Fertilizer 10-10-10

Price: $39.99 - $22.99
(as of Jan 29,2018 08:57:50 UTC – Details)

Embrace Bonsai Joy!

If you love bonsai trees, bonsai terrariums, or bonsai tree seed kits, you will find there are even more good reasons to love Hello Bonsai!

Bringing the bonsai community this field-tested and eco-friendly bonsai super food has been no easy feat. It’s a journey that began many years ago when we first fell in love with growing bonzai trees and learned of the shortcomings of bonsai soils, which are typically devoid of microbial content. The end result is a new and field-tested bonsai super food, which contains a proprietary concentration of vermicompost tea extract prepared under ideal conditions. An ideal gift for a gardener:

✓ DOCUMENTED BENEFICIAL MICROBES – Comes ready to use and pre-mixed with vermicompost tea extract

✓ ECO-FRIENDLY – Avoids use of any artificial ingredients, harnessing the primordial power of millions of earthworms

✓ GREAT VALUE – Large quantity of compost tea-4.0 fl. oz. (118 mL)-sufficient to treat your bonsai for an extended duration.

✓ LEAK-PROOF – Aluminum slimline bottle with a black capped atomizer, which prevents messy spills or leaking bottles

Instructions are included on the label to get you started instantly.

Buy Now and receive Blue Moon Bell’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee! We are so certain that this bonsai super food will be perfect for your bonsai that we offer a 60-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. A percentage of Blue Moon Bell’s proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization promoting conservation efforts.

BONSAI TREE CARE FROM ALL-NATURAL WORM TEA – Crafted in Washington, USA, Hello Bonsai is an all-natural bonsai tree fertilizer that avoids the use of a pellet fertilizer.
PROMOTES BONSAI WELL-BEING – Contains beneficial microbes to augment your general-purpose fertilizer.
MAINTAINS BONSAI’S NATURAL BEAUTY – Hello Bonsai will not burn or deface your trees’ natural beauty.
SOPHISTICATED BONSAI TECHNIQUES – Suitable for any Bonsai style, including indoor bonsai, bonsai tree seed kits, bonzai tree pot, bonzia soil, live zen bonsai, ficus bonsai tree, etc..
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Hello Bonsai is backed by our 100% guarantee.

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