Care And Maintenance Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Care And Maintenance Snake Plant (Sansevieria) here I show you how to properly care for your Snake Plant. Plant info:




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  1. What kind of rocks do I need to get in order to get rid of the gnats? I have 2 huge snake plants and now I have a ton of gnats but I don't want to hurt my plants.

  2. I just found my snake plant drowning in it's own roots. I have a tendency to place small decorative stones on the top of the soil for a nice touch. These small stones do not allow for proper evaporation of plant soils in dark corners like the ones for my snake plants. Avoid the white pebble look, it will eventually leave your plants with thin and dying roots systems

  3. Very informative video! My only problem is that I should have watched this BEFORE I repotted my snake plant. 😔 I bought mine in a 4” pot and it was bursting through and cracking the plastic. I repotted it into an 8” pot. Thoughts? Think it will make it? Or should I repot?

  4. Hey man I have this snake plant. It seems strong and all. It's not drooping but I notice that the inner color which is dark green is I think is fading or no longer as the color it should be. (outer color is yellow) Please help.

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