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  1. मैम बहुत ही अच्छी जानकारी दी आपने… बस एक कन्फ्यूजन है कि क्या इसे खुले बरामदे में पूरी साल सर्दियों में भी रखा जा सकता है या धूप जरूरी है

  2. mene croton ke plant ko sirf varmicompost me rakha he…..to kya ise 15 day ki gap me npk de sakte he …?? sirf varmicompost use karne se pot me kya chote kide (insects) generate ho sakte he…???

  3. Hi Monika, 3 months pahle maine 7 croton plants nursery se lekar lagaye the..grow bhi kar rahe the.. but , ab usme white flies ho gayi h,aur leaves girti ja rahi h.soap water se 2_3din m wash karne pr bhi nahi hat rahi h.2 plants khatm ho gaye..ab kaise bachaye..pl guide..

  4. Hello mam, I usually don't write comments but I am so impressed by the way you explain things in detail. I love plants n to care for them. Plz keep the good work. Also if you can make a video on how you got interested in caring for plants and if you have done some education or it comes naturally to you. Thank you once again .

  5. Mam maine 3 croton plants nursery se kharida tha one month pehle tavi se in plants ki leaves sukh kar gir rahi hai growing area wale leaves v gir rahe hai.
    Pls help inko kaise rejuvinate karu?

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