Care Tips for Indoor Gardenia Plants

Care Tips for Indoor Gardenia Plants. Part of the series: Indoor Gardening. Indoor gardenia plants need to be cared for in a special way. Prepare your gardenias for indoor use with the help of a nursery proprietor in this free video. Read more:


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  1. My to Gardenias are turning yellow since i broth them in side door 😞 they are in larger contaners, they are in full light sun, dont have the eater one,i really dont understand i water them one a week, they dont have any insect. I gave them a week ago some acid ferteliser and since then they stared to turn yellow, i dont now if thats the problem what happens if the soil is to acid?? Im so scard ill lose them they are to big Gardenia one branch. Thank you so much for an advice.

  2. Interesting point about too wet/root rot. I tried growing gardenias inside for about a dozen years and had bad luck with them. I was at a friend's house about ten years ago and saw their blooming, healthy gardenias and asked them how they kept them so healthy. They told me to try to over-water them. They kept them in a tray that was fill;ed with water. I went out and bought a new plant and kept it wet and it bloomed like crazy, usually in June or July. I took cuttings and rooted them and gave them to friends, telling them to keep them wet. They've all done well except for one friend who let theirs dry out.
    I've since re-potted mine and I'm about to propagate new cuttings. Mine stays in a tray that is always filled with water and I mist the plant several times a day.
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  3. Hello John,
    I have a large Gardenia plant (Small tree like), outside, approximately 35 years old. in the past year it has been declining. Losing leaves from underneath. The leaves are also turning lighter green with the veins a little darker. Another observation is it appears not to be able to hold new buds. Before the buds can reach a blooming stage they fall off. Nothing has be changed around the plant or other conditions identified with exception to noticing spider mites 6 months ago which were immediately eliminated with Dawn. Do you have any suggestions. Central, West Coast Florida. Thank you//Doug

  4. Im a big fan of gardenia, but they seem to be very fragile. I have pot gardenia, about a feet high with decent girth on the stem.
    Problem is the foliage instead of being green and glossy is yellow , like the chlorosis you mentioned in your video. what is the root cause ? OVER or UNDER Watering ? In india here we have temparatures ranging from 10deg C to 25 deg C this time of the year . I water my Gardenia once in 2 days. Direct sunlight is available for 3 /4 hours a day .. Can you advise ?

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