How to Collect Health Data in Your Farm or Garden

Having access to fresh food as well as beautiful places can be crucial to one’s mental and physical health. Often urban farms and community gardens provide their communities with these benefits. For example, gardens can improve moods and possibly even change children’s attitudes about how fruits and vegetables taste. Watch the video to learn about the methods for Changes in Attitude: Yum & Yuck; Good Moods in the Garden; Healthy Eating; and Beauty of the Garden.

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Hellraiser Origins – Making of The Garden of Sin

I had the pleasure of working with concept artist & illustrator Paul Gerrard, and director Mike Le Han, on this teaser promo for Hellraiser Origins. I created the wide crowd shot at the end utilizing Thinkbox’s XMesh toolset, to create and animate over 1000 bodies. It was a helluva time to work on and a labour of love, so hopefully this breakdown sheds some light on how it was created.

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Learning How to Live

Nuthin Wong is a Canadian international sail training vessel. The lines were taken from a 6000 years old ocean-going Junk, the Hanzchow Bay Trader. Built by Brent Swain in Clive’s back garden in Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.. The Wong has been taking travelers around the world since 1991. In 2010, the homeward bound voyage began from London to Panama to B.C. crossing the Atlantic for a third, and probably last time.

In Panama, while the Captain was away, the vessel was being moved from one bay to another. It ended up on the reef in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro (Mouth of the Bull). 30 days after funds were sent to put security aboard and cover the costs of getting off the reef ; neither happened resulting in the Wong being stripped of all electronics, valuables and personal belongings.

Once the Captain was able to return to the vessel after three and a half months, with the help of Lucas, Marlon, Belgium Chris, U.K. Chris and crew; they got the Wong off the reef in six days but not before losing in the last storm the main mast, the rudder and engine. Once off the reef, the Wong was towed to a safe anchorage in Saigon Bay, Isla Colon, where the next three merry months were spent cleaning the vessel before hauling out to Bocas Yacht Service in Puerto Almirante to complete refit.

Learning How to Live With Captain Clive Hamman & Crew
Sylvie Detaille Alex Peronis Siam Jones Mark Uit Matthew Klaus Chris Cross

Camera / sound recording by Sylvie Detaille

Editing by Audréane Beaucage

Thanks to John Dalfort Brent Swain Kenny Splett Brian & Linda Cousins Alan Sharp Greenwich Yacht Club: Commodor Harbor Master John Bailey and members Capt. Kirk Capt. Marlon + crew Lucas Belgium Chris U.K. Chris Clara Gordillo & Charles Bicari
© Audréane Beaucage 2014

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The Verde Garden: Growing a Healthy Community

This film depicts the Verde Partnership Garden, a school garden in a low-income community of color in North Richmond, California. Although it touches upon some of the many troubling issues facing North Richmond, the film emphasizes how small-scale projects such as the Verde Garden can serve as real bright spots in even the most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The movie doesn’t sugarcoat the current circumstances in North Richmond. During World War II, this was a flourishing African-American community, with plenty of jobs in the shipyards and other nearby industries, thriving small businesses, and overflowing churches. Now, many households are on public assistance, fewer than 50% of parents have high school degrees, and over a third of families are below the poverty line-four times the national average. Gangs, drugs, and violence have ravaged the area; Richmond as a whole was recently named the 11th most dangerous city in the country. However, the film tries to look beyond these statistics, to show the human stories behind the so-called “facts,” and to portray the strength and potential of the people who live here.

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The Market Gardener’s Toolkit – Teaser #2

The Market Gardener’s Toolkit is an upcoming educational documentary in which small-scale organic farmer, educator and author Jean-Martin Fortier shares the tools and techniques used on his highly productive 1.5-acre farm.

From soil preparation to strategies on dealing with insect pests, discover how this micro-farm manages to generate $150,000 in sales annually – without the use of a tractor or any heavy machinery.

Filmed over an entire growing season in Quebec’s beautiful Eastern Townships, The Market Gardener’s Toolkit offers an unprecedented insight into the daily operations of the farm, from seeding to transplanting, from weeding to harvesting.

No matter the scale of your project, whether a small urban farm or a full-scale commercial market garden, this film will offer valuable information and help make your operation more efficient and profitable.

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Ginger’s Birthday Present to You

“Garden Pathway – Ginger’s Birthday Gift” is a step acrylic painting lesson that shows you how to work with complementary colors and paint a beautiful walkway lined with a rainbow of colored flowers. This is a full-length acrylic painting lesson where Ginger Cook shows you step-by-step home to complete this masterpiece yourself.

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MOVI M5 at Garden of the Gods

MOVI M5 at Garden of the Gods | American Photographic

If you can hike it, you can film it…

The MOVI M5 by Freefly Systems is a revolutionary new device which is changing the face in independent cinema as we know it. This gyroscopically stabilized steadicam allows camera operators to run perfectly fluid hand-held video in virtually any situation. Built specifically for the DSLR filmmaker, the MOVI M5 is perfect for reaching those hard to get places which have always eluded the shot list.

I had the chance to run the M5 in one of my favorite locations, Garden of the Gods, here in Colorado Springs. This piece illustrates how the MOVI can take on virtually any terrain and still yield great looking footage.

The American Photographic series is dedicated to showcasing the astonishing beauty of our great nation. For more videos of our travels, please visit our website…

Sun Gallery Fine Art Photography

Canon 5D Mk II
Canon Eos 17-40mm F4L

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El Jardín que se Seca (The Barren Garden)

El Jardín que se Seca (The Barren Garden)
Genere: Short Film Narrative
Duration: 18 mins. (aprox)
Format: HD Red Cam
Produced in: Monterrey, N. L. México

Director: Marcelo González
Producers: Roberto Salas & Eduardo Villarreal
DP: Guillermo G. Garza

Estela, Martha y María return to a home full of memories which they abandoned several years back.
Nevertheless, for Martha and her aunt Maria, their return is very different than Esthela’s, Martha’s mother, who has been living in a health center since her breakdown, caused by her husband’s suicide. Esthela barely recognizes where she is and she has no idea of how much time has gone by. They find the house’s garden dry, deteriorated and full of weeds, much like Esthela’s deteriorating brain, suffering from an advance case of Alzheimer. It is here, in Esthela’s mental garden that reside vague and contrasting memories of her
beautiful relationship with her husband and the shocking moment of his death, as well as mild memories of having been ill and absent. Martha, on the other hand, barely recognizes her mother’s eyes, where she finds something familiar and loved but also rejection as if she were a stranger.

Today is the first day of their reunion.
The garden dries but life goes on.

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