One Minute Tip – How to Kill Your Weed Seeds

Ben Gould happened upon his passion for gardening when trying to find the most inexpensive way to travel the world through the WWOOF program in Belize and India. It has since transformed his life in beautiful and unexpected ways. He now educates children on gardening at several elementary schools in Los Angeles, has recently started his own edible garden installation business and continues to seek knowledge and learn life lessons through all of the gifts that the garden offers.

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FS100 Garden test

Spent 10 minutes in my small garden today looking for something to film with my FS100 as a bit of a challenge, absolutely nothing interesting so mostly focused on some macro shots of the fronds of some ferns. Wanted to see how steady I could get shots at 50P hand held and how sharp the image was.

It’s a great camera, I’ve got a Blackmagic Camera coming though so trying to work out where this fits in with what I film, so far it’s my best slow motion camera so I’m not looking to sell it, if BMD bring out a 50P firmware update though I will have a harder decision.

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Garden Affairs

In GARDEN AFFAIRS Lotavian-Russian and
German gardeners talk with one another
in a video installation. They discuss local
problems, develop global dreams, and pose
everyday questions.
How can one move a garden house from
one side to the other when authorities force
one to give up the garden plot? Are the
rules in German garden plot communities
really so strict? Do you have problems
with snails when you eat salad? What is
your favorite recipe with vegetables from
your own garden? Did the first Christmas
tree really come from Lithuania? Why
do German gardeners love garden gnomes
so much?

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Suburban Homestead EP2 Hugelkultur Inspired Garden Bed

Mid spring in the garden.
As seedlings grow indoors, it is time to prepare the soil.
Learn to set up a hugelkultur inspired raised garden bed that conserves water and uses garden debris as a resource (a technique borrowed from permaculture).
The second episode to the Suburban Homestead web-series, it provides practical how-tos to growing your own food and live a more sustainable life.

Created by Siloe Oliveira

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INHABIT – DIGGING DEEPER : Umass Permaculture Garden

The Umass Permaculture Garden is a living library of edible polycultures and edible ecosystems nestled in the heart of the Umass campus. We got to hang out with some of the students who run the garden and learn about how their design methods are inspiring the thousands of students that pass by the site each day. Learn more about the garden at

MUSIC: Emancipator – “Minor Cause”

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Jeremy Keenan – Garden of Signals – Finalist at Sonic Arts Award 2014

Garden of Signals expands upon the use of audio feedback in earlier sound works, forming an autonomous sonic artwork that uses feedback as a sound material and as a process.
Like pieces such as Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music (1968), and Microphone by David Tudor (1973), or the later work of Agostino Di Scipio, Garden of Signals is born from material possibilities at the heart of sound reproduction.
Garden of Signals was initiated with an interest in remote signals, such as mobile telephones, and how they affect the movement of human bodies in physical space when we respond to them. The pervasive multitude of distant signals appears to be a random and invisible process, but has a tangible influence on the domain of the flesh.
The loudness of the feedback coming from each of the 6 speakers is measured, and then influences the movement of each guitar pickup, which further changes the fluctuating loudness of the feedback coming out of the speakers.
In this way, the collective relationship between the sound from the speakers and the movement of the guitar pickups creates continuously shifting patterns of sound.
Garden of Signals was realised within the framework of the 2012 Artist-in-residence Program of the Gas Natural Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

Guitar pickups, speakers, motors, purpose-built code.
Jeremy Keenan, October/November 2013.

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