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Plant Stand 14410 Down Under Plant Caddy, Black, 14-Inch

Price: $33.48 - $19.55
(as of Jul 21,2018 04:21:43 UTC – Details)

This down under plant caddies will support and move up to 500 pounds with ease. It has five high quality, durable nylon and steel wheels and one locking caster to keep caddie securely in place. Constructed of UV resistant plastic. Available in black color. Measures 14-inch.Plant caddy
Improves drainage
One locking caster keeps caddy in place
Use indoor or outdoors
UV resistant plastic
Down under plant caddie
Constructed of UV resistant plastic
It has five high quality, durable nylon and steel wheels and one locking caster to keep caddie securely in place
Available in black color
Measures 14-inch

Bonide Product 951 Systemic House Plant Insect Control 8 Oz.

Price: $8.84 - $8.83
(as of Jul 20,2018 14:18:12 UTC – Details)

Bonide Product 951 Systemic House Plant Insect Control 8 Oz.Houseplant Systemic Granules. Chemical Pesticides and Herbicides
Manufacturer part number: 951/958
Systemic houseplant insect granular
Convenient, ready-to-use granules provide effective, long lasting insect control for 8 weeks
Excellent indoor no odor, no spray, no mess formula
Protect gardens, lawns and trash cans

AeroGarden Sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Black

Price: $99.95 - $49.99
(as of Jul 19,2018 10:13:06 UTC – Details)

Imagine fresh herbs and vegetables grown in your home, year-round. With the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout LED you can grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more! This smart countertop garden uses water and patented nutrients to naturally grow plants… no herbicides, no pesticides, non-GMO. It’s natural goodness right at your fingertips.

AeroGardens are the world’s leading indoor gardening systems. You can grow up to 3 plants in this garden and they’ll love the 10 watts of high performance, energy efficient LED lighting. The LED lights are tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests. The LED lights concentrate daylight white LEDs for fast growth, blue LEDs for bigger yields, and red LEDs for more flowers and fruit. With ideal lighting and optimally balanced levels of water and nutrients, plants grow up to five times faster than when grown in soil.

The Sprout LED’s easy-to-use control panel creates optimal conditions for your plants by automatically turning the lights on and off and reminding you when to add nutrients. A view window lets you easily see when to add water.

The AeroGarden Sprout LED sets up in minutes without tools. Just insert the Seed Pods in your garden, add water and nutrients, and then watch it grow! Everything you need to start growing is included.

Garden year-round. Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more in this smart countertop garden. Easy-to-use control panel that automatically turns lights on and off and reminds you when to add nutrients.
Up to 3 plants can be grown at a time. Plants grow in water…not soil. Advanced hydroponics made simple.
High-performance, full spectrum 10-watt LED lighting system is tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.
Includes 3-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Kit that contains: Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, and Dill & 3 oz. patented nutrients (enough for a full season of growth)
After several months of use, the aerator in the Sprout LED may clog if not cleaned and maintained between plantings. A thorough cleaning can correct the issue, or the simple installation of a replacement part.

Bayer Advanced 701710 2-in-1 Insect Control Plus Fertilizer Plant Spikes, 10-Spikes

Price: $7.67
(as of Jul 18,2018 20:11:38 UTC – Details)

Bayer 2 In 1 Insect Protection Plus Fertilizer Spikes 8-11-5 10 Pack Protects and feeds for up to 8 weeks without spraying. 2 in 1 formula kills insects while feeding your plants. For indoor and outdoor potted plants. Active Ingredients: ImidaclopridBayer 2 In 1 Insect Protection Plus Fertilizer Spikes 8-11-5 10 Pack
Protects and feeds for up to 8 weeks without spraying
For indoor and outdoor potted plants
Easy-to-Use Plant Spikes
Kills Insects and Feeds Plants for up to 2 Months
Use in Potted Plants, Indoors or Outdoors
Kills Aphids, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Plant bugs, Scales, Thrips and Whiteflies
Use on potted roses, palms, ficus, houseplants, hibiscus, flowers, vines, and containerized shrubs and trees.

9GreenBox – 3 Tier 4″ 6″ 8″ Top Quality Lucky Bamboo For Feng Shui (Total About 38 Stalks)

Price: $12.99 - $13.79
(as of Jul 18,2018 06:06:46 UTC – Details)

Native to Cameroon in West Africa, this shrub wetland species of plant is known for is stability and tranquility. These ornamental plants bring fortune and happiness to anyone who keeps them in their home or work place. The stalks are braided and twist to form a unified thick stem. In their natural habitat, they’re usually shaded by other taller plants because they can’t tolerate direct sunlight. Set them in a bright area but away from windows where they could be exposed to full sunlight. They like temperatures from about 60F to 90F. Trim off dead or yellowing leaves on the plant to encourage new, healthier growth. Care Instructions included.LUCKY BAMBOO – a well-known plant for bringing good fortune and one key element in feng shui in Chinese Culture. A good addition as a décor in your home, believed to extract a positive energy into your home or office. Receiving a bamboo plant as a gift is assumed to bring a good luck to the receiver. Lucky Bamboo house plant is estimated to grow about 2 to 3 feet in height.
TAKING CARE OF BAMBOO PLANT – a bamboo plant grows fine in a vase filled with pebbles with an inch of water. A drop of liquid fertilizer once a week will motivate its growth. Note that the water of the Bamboo Plant should be changed once in every two weeks. Prefers bright and filtered sunlight, avoid placing in a direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves
TRIMMING A LUCKY BAMBOO – cutting the main stalk of the lucky bamboo is not a good idea. You can do the trimming within the offshoots in an inch or two of the main stem. To depress new growth, you can dip the cut end in paraffin.
9GreenBox 3 Tier 4″ 6″ 8″ Top Quality Lucky Bamboo (Total About 38 Stalks) that you will be receiving in your purchase will include crystal soil
Proudly Handmade by 9GreenBox

Clearance! Seagrass Wicker Folding Plant Flower Basket Flower Pots Outdoor Indoor for Home Garden Wall and Wedding Decoration (Beige)

Price: $7.99
(as of Jul 17,2018 16:05:31 UTC – Details)

Pure hand-woven drying, can fold and save space.
Each selected wicker has been carefully screened for quality assurance
Beautiful and practical, fresh wild, hanging in any place you like
Natural environmental protection, natural materials, natural color
Name :flower basket
Material: Wicker/straw
Color: Blue,Beige,White,Gray
Can be washed directly with water, or wipe with a damp cloth, crevice can be used to wipe the brush, pay attention to timely airing.

Package includes:

1 x Wall flower basket(Not include the flower)Handicrafts. 100% natural,non-polluting raw material,healthy,safe and degradable.🌹❤️🌹Hanging Planter Basket Plant Holder Porch Decor Flower Pots Hanger Garden Decoration Indoor Outdoor Watering Hanging Baskets Wedding Flower Girl Basket Willow Hand Woven Easter Basket Hanging Basket Decorative Flower Basket for Wedding Ceremony Party
Made of Natural Seagrass, Handmade product,every basket will be a little different not as machine made.The color of the seagrass basket is nature, no painting, no chemical. 🌹❤️🌹Lace Bow Wedding Flower Girl Basket Outdoor Artificial Red Azalea Bush Flower Patio Lawn Garden Hanging Basket Chain Flowerpot
Multipurpose: Decor, Creative Storage, Picnic, Grocery Baskets, Beach Bag, Plant Pot Covers, Laundry, Toy Organizer, etc.🌹❤️🌹Natural Seagrass Planter Basket Handle Plant Flower Pots Home Kitchen Organizer Artificial Daisy Flowers Artificial Hanging Planets Silk Flower Hanging Basket with Chain Flowerpot For Home Outdoor Decoration
Pure hand-woven drying, can fold and save space.Beautiful and practical, fresh wild, hanging in any place you like🌹❤️🌹Clearance Seagrass Wicker Basket Wicker Basket Flower Pot Folding Basket Dirty Basket Natural Seagrass Belly Basket Large Storage Laundry Basket
Can be washed directly with water, or wipe with a damp cloth, crevice can be used to wipe the brush, pay attention to timely airing.🌹❤️🌹Artificial Rose Vine Silk Flower Garland Hanging Baskets Plants Home Outdoor Wedding Arch Garden Wall Decor Storage Baskets With Handles Soft Durable Toy Storage Nursery Bins Home Decorations

Phillips 429480 A19 60-Watt Medium Base Incandescent E26 120 Volt Agro-Lite Indoor Light Bulb for Plants

Price: $8.99 - $7.77
(as of Jul 17,2018 02:04:26 UTC – Details)

This specialty light from Phillips is an effective plant growth agent. Plug it into a ceiling, floor lamp, or portable light fixture, and your plants and flowers will be bathing in beneficial, full-spectrum light. Its medium base and standardized A19 shape make this ideal for the most fixtures. This makes facilitating the growth of plants even easier! Pick up a few of these for your houseplants any time of the year to improve growth and health of your plants. Their energy cost is low, an estimated $7.23 per year on electricity. Give your plants the light they need to keep them looking beautiful and in full bloom.LIFE EXPECTANCY: 11 months (based off of 3 hours per day of use)
ACCELERATE YOUR PLANT GROWTH: This bulb is designed to be used indoors to act as artificial sunlight to boost the growth of plants
FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT: These bulbs provide a full spectrum of light. Exposure to this type of light helps improve mood.
PORTABLE: These bulbs are ideal for use in portable lighting fixtures
LOW ENERGY COST: These bulbs will cost you an estimated $7.23 per year on electricity

Costa Farms, Premium Live Indoor Burgundy Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica, Floor Plant, Grower Pot, Shipped Fresh From Our Farm, Excellent Gift

Price: $29.23
(as of Jul 16,2018 12:02:46 UTC – Details)

ABOUT RUBBER TREE: Aka Ficus elastica, this gorgeous floor plant acts as leafy and colorful focal point in a room. Decorators love them because of their big, shiny, burgundy-hued leaves. YOUR UNIQUE PLANT: Plants are living things; each one is slightly different, so the plant you receive may vary from the photo. It typically measures 26 to 28 inches tall from the pot bottom to the top of the plant. NOTE: This season we have limited quantities of Rubber Plants so the minimum shipping height is 24 inches tall. Our growers hand pick the healthiest, best-looking, highest-quality plants. We package our plants for shipment with great care so they’ll arrive at your home ready to be displayed. We’re unable to ship this item to: AK,AZ,CA,GU,HI. PASSIONATE ABOUT PLANTS: Our plants come in pots for all decorating needs: shelf size (7-14 in. tall), tabletop (16-24 in), and floor (24-48 in.). Look for COSTA FARMS when buying plants online. Be aware of third-party sellers; other companies try to imitate our quality. On Amazon, there are no other authorized Costa Farms sellers. Look for “Ships from and sold by” to ensure you’re getting our premium plants. Shipped fresh from our farm to you, Costa Farms is passionate about delivering happy, healthy, beautiful plants. Send us your feedback at CARE! Water the top inch of soil of the Rubber Plant once the soil feels dry. Never allow the soil to become saturated.
LOVES INDOOR LIGHT: Rubber plant happily grows in bright light. Light helps their leaves retain their burgundy color.
SET IN DECORATOR POT OF YOUR CHOICE: Rubber Plant comes planted in an 8.75-inch black growers pot. Change the look by inserting the grower pot into a decorator basket or planter. These lush plants are grown by the horticultural experts at Costa Farms.
REAP HEALTH BENEFITS: Studies show that raising plants such as Rubber Plant help clear indoor air of pollutants. Having plants in your home improves your mood, sparks your creativity, and reduces stress.
ENJOY LIVING HOME DÉCOR: Rubber Plants feature exotic dark, striking foliage and add life to your home, porch, or office. Ships at a minimum of 24-in. tall. Keep this plant for yourself or give as a gift!