Ramana’s Garden is a home for destitute children which was started almost by mistake by an energetic and charismatic American woman called Prabhavati in Rishikesh, North India. She was once an actress in Hollywood who came to India 30 years ago on a spiritual pilgrimage, started feeding and teaching a few local children and now is now running a home for 70 kids.
Many of the children are untouchables, the poorest of the poor – and many have survived horrific abuse. But what is heart warming and great is how these kids really love and support each other, and the healing that happens in this loving environment.
In addition to the regular curriculum Prabhavati understands the immense value of dance, art and theatre, and last year their dance troupe were invited to England and ended up performing at the Glastonbury Festival.
I’ve visited several times and fell in love with the kids and the very special atmosphere of the place.

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