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  1. I have four of these yucca plants that look just like the one he has in the video. The leaves on my yuccas bud downward and feel weak. They don't shout out straight and strong like the leaves that were on there already when i had bought them. I think it has to do with to much watering and not enough sunlight. My apartment is very dark and despite the reputation to withstand circumstances, the leaves were turning pale white and literally just falling off. On one yucca plant, I maybe had a good 80-100 dark green blades leaves. I might have like 15 to 20 blades left on them. They plant looks like it said fuck you I'm out. lol. I moved to yuccas out in my fire escape and they got there dark color green back except they never got there strength to grow straight out. So now I have deformed looking yuccas. …(fart).

  2. A small   bouquet of  yucca plant was cut by accident ;(  i keep it  and i put it direct in pot for now !!   what you think my plant will  survive this way ?  by the way thank you for this video you put in is very helpful

  3. I have a Yucca Cane plant in my front yard in Florida. It started as a houseplant, but it wasn't getting enough sunlight in my living room despite 2 large windows; I also thought it needed watering lots more frequently than it truly did, so btwn the 2 problems, the leaves began to brown and I could tell it was going to die. I transplanted it without much hope for it–but a prayer anyway! It has thrived, and looks stellar & exotic.

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