Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips // Garden Answer

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26 Replies to “Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Tips // Garden Answer”

  1. I have two Fiddles started small and now I cut back at least 6 feet of growth a year, if not more. West windows with mini blinds upturned ! They grow FAST!!!! and when the leaves naturally fall off it kinda scares you! Just a PLOP!!!!!!! Love them I just water them whenever! I think most people BABY their plants way to much!!! Love these vids!!!

  2. Hi Laura, just bought a dwarf fiddle leaf fig but it will need to be repotted soon. Can you please let me know which soil is best for that plant. Is regular potting mix alright. I also hear to always put half potting mix and half cactus mix for tropical plants. All so very confusing in the end. I only have access to commercial potting mixes. What should i use ?

  3. Am I the only  one that  thinks the pot  is too big? Just  got  one for  Mothers  day  and  its in a small pot  with its  roots  growing  in a  circle on top. Was told it likes  being  rootbound and not too increase  pot  size  to more then 2 to  3  inches.

  4. The Fiddle Leaf Fig in my belief should never be in a heavy clay pot. This makes it very difficult for most folks to move around. A good grade heavy duty plastic pot would be more sufficient. Also the salts would build up fast with clay pots. For a beginner, this could lead to anxiety and mentally make an individual do things to the tree that should not be done. Watering is a debated subject. Most indoor plants should have a thorough watering, but yes, I have seen that a little daily works just as well. I would say that making sure you add enough water that would get to the roots would suffice. Also they love a good draining medium. I use potting soil / cactus mix or you can add some pumice to the soil as well.

  5. I only just discovered that there are two different types of Fiddle Leaf Fig trees and you just confirmed it for me, i currently have a shrub like fiddle leaf, I wated the single stem fiddle leafe that you have……… i shall invest for sure!

  6. Mine is thriving but has awful tiny gnats that I can't get rid of! Any tips for getting rid of these gnats? I've been putting a sticky trap in the plant that's catching the bugs, but it's not fully ridding them. Thanks!

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