How to Care for House Plants : Learn to Avoid Common Mistakes When Caring for House Plants

Ways to avoid common mistakes that result in a plant’s sickness or death are discussed in this free educational video series.

Expert: Yolanda Vanveen
Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is a third-generation flower grower and sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Washington.
Filmmaker: Daron Stetner


17 Replies to “How to Care for House Plants : Learn to Avoid Common Mistakes When Caring for House Plants”

  1. I have a house plant transferred it into a big flowerpot and now it is Wilti will it come back it's not brown or nothing it just went into shock I think. and I was wondering how long will it take before it perks back up or what can I do for it only been a day since I transferred it

  2. @didgemonster Hmm.. I can't find any information on it, but I can see how what you're saying might make sense. Maybe I'll.. keep the windows open more often until I hear something more about all this. D:
    Thanks for the cautionary advice, I guess.

  3. @GuacamoleKun Thats because you assumed it was in an outside situation. There are hundreds of trillions of square feet in our atmosphere, not in a room in a house. Most homes are well sealed to become energy effecient, also meaning that it reduces the air flow and fresh air in the room from the outside.. As i said, I HEARD that someone has died from this. the physics make sense to me. If i were trapped in a room, with no new air supply, eventually I would die from CO2 poisoning.

  4. May sound crazy but I have heard of people dying from O2 deprivation because plants reverse this cycle. The vast majority of people have no idea this occurs. A friend of mine had a friend in Jordan die from this. He loved plants but did not have the air circulating or windows open and died from this. Too me, also, this seems logical. But the amount of plants necessary to achieve this must be phenomenal.

  5. Plants take in CO2 and give off Oxygen, but most people tend to forget that during the night most plants actually reverse this cycle (light dependent vs light independent reactions, high school biology, yuck!)…so my question is, would having a plant in your room increase your risk of O2 deprivation and suffocation during the night? i know it sounds silly but it makes sence in my head 🙂

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