How to Care for House Plants : Watering House Plants

How to water house plants; get professional tips and advice from an expert on caring for indoor plants and flowers in this free gardening video.

Expert: Austin Sheppard
Bio: Austin Shepard is studying Landscape Architecture at the BAC in Boston, MA. He developed an interest in landscaping and gardening while working for a landscaping company.
Filmmaker: David Jackel


12 Replies to “How to Care for House Plants : Watering House Plants”

  1. @andrewmorrison85 – Some plants will yellow with too much water – you need to google to find out where the plant comes from. A cactus will rot from too much water and a plant growing in a lake would dry up very quickly in the desert.

  2. @chuckzamzow Thank you very much for the tip, I hope it works. I guess the advice I've heard from some are false that with too much water the palm will yellow. If it's soaked it would be yellow everywhere immediately!

  3. A lot of people buy cat palms and majesty palms – both of these grow in swamps in their native habitat and the last time I checked swamps had water – I personally grow both of these palms in water – you can also set the plant in a tub and always keep about 2 inches of water in the tub.

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