How to grow and care Cycas (sago palm)//Why my cycas plant leaves are yellowing

friends get to know growing and caring tips for cycas (Sago plam) plant.
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35 Replies to “How to grow and care Cycas (sago palm)//Why my cycas plant leaves are yellowing”

  1. So many thanks Reshma ji … Mere sicus plant me naye patte aa gaye .Jaisa ki aapne bataya tha ki seeds ko starting me hata dena hai or maine kiya . Ab teen saal baad maine kal naye patte dekhe .Meri khushi ka thikana n raha .Lots of thnx

  2. पत्ती पीली हो गयी है उसके बाद की पत्ती पूरी नहीं फैली। और नयी पत्ती गाँठ से निकलने के बाद भूरी हो कर सूख गई। 20 साल पुराना पौधा है और बहुत बड़े गमले मे लगा है। कोई उपाय बताये।

  3. Good evening mam yesterday I got a 25 year old cycas palm from a friend it's not in good condition, I want your guidance on how to repot it, I want to share the plant's picture with you, how can I please help. I don't want to spoil this valuable gift. It's my 1st experience with Cycas

  4. Hi Reshma ! I wanted to thank you for helping me save my sagos !! I am late in doing so, but better late than never. Both my sagos have given out leaves and i was able to save them with your help.Thanks a tonne , they have beautiful, disease-free 4 leaves each now and i expect to have more this spring too !

  5. Q-1- male aur female plant ki
    pehchan kaise kre konsa male hai kon female?
    Q-2- kia Epsom salt , potassium , &neem oil ek saath ek bottle me mix krke spray kr skte
    kitna pani ,kitna oil ,kitna salt?

  6. Very nice video Reshmaji pls.tell me the any symptoms of dormant period to the plant.these period different between plants to plant ok but tell common symptoms it's very helpful to the new gardeners thank you so much.

  7. Madam this is one of my fav. plants but from the time i have got this plant few have only the mid rib and and no leaves on them ,what does this indicate and also many leaves have turned dry at the tips and in the middle ? Im using neem oil and soapy water and also fertilizers as advised . Please advice.

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