How to Grow Asparagus In Containers – Complete Growing Guide

In this complete growing guide we will be explaining how to grow
asparagus in containers. Asparagus is a very fun plant to grow and is
highly underappreciated. An early spring vegetable and a super nutrient
dense one at that! Asparagus is more challanging than most other
plants, but with this video I hope it will make it easy to grow for
you. Add some asparagus to your container / patio garden this year!
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38 Replies to “How to Grow Asparagus In Containers – Complete Growing Guide”

  1. Can a self-watering setup be used? I live in zone 7. I want to build a self- watering plan on using Rubbermaid 2 Roughneck Hi-Top Storage Box – 54 gal (42.5" x 21.5" x 18.6") stacked in one another with holes to allow for excess water run off and watering. Also, can you tell me rightly how many I might be able to plant in one of these containers?

  2. Don't let the people who fail in patience bother you, Luke. Most love your personality, that is why we keep coming back. That, and the fact that you know what you are doing and we learn a lot. So if I live where it gets -40° potting asparagus is out?

  3. I pitched my asparagus seeds from my plants in the same bed (didn't think they would grow) but they have. How would you go about getting the starts out with out hurting the existing asparagus or hurt the new start plant?

  4. Many say you're way too wordy…not me, i pick up loads of new info as u speak …plus u look like my wonderful son…i fear that these plants in pots will die from below freezing temps…but u say not a problem…may try it…have a great spring now…

  5. hi, i live at 4000ft where its low 60 hi 80 all year, but with brutal sun in the dry season, Subtropical moist forest is the classification. cannot find much info on the best place to plant, anyone any ideas?

  6. You could just use those cheap storage bins you can get at Walmart. You can get them as large or as small as you want. You can even poke holes in a smaller one and set it inside a larger one to keep water at the bottom.

  7. Luke I am so glad I found your video on how to grow asparagus In a pot because about two years ago I tried growing asparagus In the biggest pot I could find I gave It some fertilizer and watered It really good and put mulch around It well anyway I was not for sure how to over winter It so I put It In my garage because I thought It would become damaged In the cold weather If I left It outside and when spring arrived I took It out of my garage and put It back outside In the sun shine and It wilted and become very slimy like so I gave up and have not grown It since

  8. I found placing large pots on a soil surface (vs tiles, flooring, cement etc.) is more conducive to water retention and temperature control. If the plant wants to explore beyond the drainage holes – one cannot keep Nature captive. So glad someone refers to ground as soil and not "dirt!"

  9. Thank you for this video it was very helpful and I have planted mine just fine. I was worried and after viewing this video I feel much better that my asparagus have a good chance.

  10. I planted bare roots from (ugh) Walmart, and in having pretty good results. I put them in a large rope handled tub (20 gal?) and drilled a ton of holes in it with a screw gun and a ½" drill bit. They're not as tall as some videos I've seen, but the new shoots are bigger with each new one. Thanks for the encouragement Luke. God bless.

  11. The red/pink flowered tree behind you is so beautiful.
    Is that a Sakura Tree or Cherry blossom?
    thanks for uploading this video, definitely I'll try it because I love eating asparagus.

  12. If I want to grow just one plant in a pot do I have to use such a big pot? I will replant it in a bigger one next year? I am just trying to grow them from a 2 year old store bought one. The others are in my raised bed garden. Also if they are 2 year old store bought dry plants, do I have to not cut any shoots for the first year or can I harvest if they are bigger then a pencil? I am trying to get a plant with great root system into this pot for replanting into my garden if the other transplant do not live. It is like your starter plants. Just the next step. What should I do? Thanks

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