How to take care of houseplants – Care tips for indoor plants

Want to know how to get keep your house plants from dying? Or are you looking for some basic house plant care tips to keep your plants alive?
This video will give you a quick and simple overview of things to keep in mind for when caring for your house plants.
Watch this video if you want to know:
What is the best lighting for house plants?
How to know when to water your houseplants?
How can I revive my indoor plant?

I’m a conscious lifestyle writer and vlogger who has used house plants as a self-care and mindfulness practice. In this video I share what I have learned on my journey to becoming a plant lady.

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Watch My New Video where I share my houseplant care tips that I have learned on my journey to becoming a plant lady. Plants have been an integral part of my mindfulness practice and I wanted to share some tips because ironically in learning to take care of plants, you learn to take care of yourself.


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