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  1. I received a Bromeliad plant as a gift.  with a lovely yellow flower. small.  ! do I need a pot with drainage ? from what im reading I suppose I don't ! but want to be sure, I did buy a ceramic pot for the plant !

  2. I grow my bromeliads indoors in conditions that are 30-50% humidity in the winter and about 20 C indoors, and in the spring, summer and fall, the humidity is between 60-80% humidity. All my broms are in dried soil and get cup watered, excluding the pineapple and cryptanthus I own. Only my tillandsia are in a humidity chamber because I do not have to water them as much. The bromeliads make excellent house plants if you keep your home above 15C all year.

  3. bromeliads flower only once in their lifespan. after they flower their soul purpose is to make pup's. which are baby bromeliads. once the mother plants flower dies it will no longer grow new leaves. and will spend all its energy into producing pups. your probably not doing anything wrong from what i assume is happening. it is just their natural life cycle. i hope you get some pups! they can be very slow growing so have patience!

  4. I have three Bromeliads and they are not doing so well now. Some of their leaves and flowers have died. I have pulled the dead leaves off. I pull out the dead flower in one of the plants and a new flower grows in but it eventually dies. Most of the leaves look healthy but there are a few that have died. I bought these plants because they are pretty and the tag showed their care level as "resilient'. What am I doing wrong? Please help me save my plants. 🙁

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