Indoor Banana plant care

This plant was separated from the mother plant and needed some work to remove rot and help it along.
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27 Replies to “Indoor Banana plant care”

  1. I did this today,, my banana was rotting and i cut it just like you did, but can you please tell me where did you put it, in direct sunlight, and how much water did you add, i made a dome for it ?..?….

  2. Nice. For some reason mine never flowered for the two years I had it. I recently lost them to a deep freeze. I even lost the back up of my back up Super Novak banana. They seem to be not as cold tolerant as the other ones I have. I'm kicking myself because it would have been easy to bring them inside. I just didn't think it was going to get below freezing in the greenhouse that night. I'll just concentrate on the banana varieties that I can get to flower.

  3. Yes. I added a link in the video showing it two months later. Unfortunately I had it in the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago and the temperatures got below 32 F and it froze. I did recently separate a pup from a California gold banana and I'm waiting to see what happens with it.

  4. Yay, I was so glad to see that. I have a Banana plant I thought I killed, but I am not sure now. I replanted it and I don't know if I over watered it or didn't water it enough but it produced what I now know are two "pups". But the mother plant has lost all of her leaves and the middle has died too. I think I will try this.

  5. Hi, It was doing great and then I put it outside when it was stil too cold and wet and it collapsed but still is alive with two shoots growing again. The first one I separated has very little soil and dries out quickly and is doing great for some reason. Maybe I should show them in a new video and talk about that.

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