Julian’s Garden


A powerful man is humbled by his cancer and the son he could never fully love. Hearing of his father’s cancer, the son comes to visit after having avoided him for several years. At the outset of the story the father appears to have changed, but inwardly, the old habits of authority and control blind him to the possibilities of genuine love.


Julian’s Garden is the brainchild of US Cinematographer Tom Conant and developed together with Ana Corrie. They began developing the script in 2008 before finally raising the capital required to make the film how they saw fit. With a Summer 2009 shoot date in mind (in the UK) Ana took on the responsibility of taking the pre-production forward, and collaborated with Stephen Bayly to get the story in shape. First-time producer Sam Alani joined the team in Spring 2009. Tom flew over from the US in early June and the film was shot in five days, in five locations between 10th June and 14th June 2009.

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