How to Transplant your Monstera – Fast and Easy

How to transplant your Monstera is the topic In this video. Sometimes called the Swiss Cheese Plant, or Split Leaf Philodendron. In this video, I’m sharing some easy tips for making transplanting easy, and showing you specifically with a Philodendron Monstera I have in my home. As a professional florist, gardener, and all-around plant enthusiast. I’ve got 30+ years of experience in the biz, and I’ll share with you the basics and best practices so your plants will look fabulous.

Specifically, Houseplants are one of the hot trends for interior design for your home and office. Keeping those plants healthy is easy and will help keep them lush and vibrant.

Why is this important? Studies have shown that having houseplants around us in our interior spaces can help improve our mood. Houseplants can help lower allergen levels from dust in our interiors and can add much-needed oxygen. Plants in new or renovated offices can help filter toxins out of the air from paints, and commercial flooring. So all said, houseplants are a good thing.

The best pots for indoor plants always do better with good drainage.

In this video, Frank will show you just how easy it is and just how to transplant your houseplants.

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How to make a Tip-Tap

These neat little handwashers help to keep hygiene levels high in areas where there is no running water. They are part of the training that the charity ‘Send a Cow’ gives and are easy to make out of local materials. Tip-Taps are also a great project for your own garden and for schools – find out more at You can also buy these as a virtual gift at Feel free to post this video to your blog!

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Desert Gardens of Steve Martino

Price: $50.00 - $31.45
(as of Nov 09,2018 21:04:11 UTC – Details)

This survey of twenty-one gardens by Steve Martino, whose work blends colorful, man-made elements with native plants to reflect the sun-drenched beauty of the desert, is sure to inspire gardeners, landscapers, and admirers of California and the Southwest.

For more than thirty years, Steve Martino has been committed to the development and advancement of landscape architecture in the Southwest. His pioneering work with native plant material and the development of a desert-derived design aesthetic is widely recognized. A recurring theme of his work is the dramatic juxtaposition of man-made elements with ecological processes of the region. His love for the desert–the interplay of light and shadow, the colors, plants, and wildlife–inspires his work.

As Martino explains, “Gardens consist of two worlds, the man-made and the natural one. I’ve described my design style as ‘Weeds and Walls’–nature and man. I use native plants to make the transition from a building to the adjacent natural desert.”

Though Martino’s work is deeply connected to the natural world, he also has a flair for the dramatic, which is apparent from his lively color selections, sculptural use of plants, and keen attention to lighting, shadows, and reflections. Boldly colored stucco walls frame compelling views of the desert and sky, expanding the outdoor living area while solving common site problems such as lack of privacy or shade. Interspersed are custom structures molded in translucent fiberglass in vivid hues–colorful arbors, outdoor showers, and internally lit benches.

How to Keep a Hibiscus Flourishing as a Houseplant

In this clip from a 1991 episode of “The Indoor Garden”. Liz’s neighbor, Darlene, stops by with her hibiscus to ask advice on how to get her plant flourishing.

The soundtrack was composed by Srini P. To hear more of his jazzy melodies on YouTube go here:

“The Indoor Garden” was a TV series that aired in the Washington, DC area and Baltimore, MD areas for a few years on the PBS station, WHUT-TV.

For more information on the Hibiscus including written-out care instructions, go to this blogpost on “The Indoor Garden” blog:


Rustic Garden- Part I

Learn to make this beautiful cake design with this step by step video tutorial by Edna De la Cruz. This video is part I of how to make the “Rustic Garden” cake design. It includes the basics of how to work with molded chocolate pieces, and how to make edible grass.

For more basic free cake decorating tutorials visit my website:

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How Often Should You Water Your Indoor Plants?

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Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening: The Total Guide to Growing Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Other Edible Plants the Natural Way

Price: $26.95 - $20.26
(as of Nov 07,2018 19:03:09 UTC – Details)

This book shows you how to have healthy soil and recommends environmentally safe products and even some homemade remedies to control pests and diseases in your garden. It describes more than 100 food plants and gives specific information on the growth habits, culture, harvest, and storage of each.

How to Maintain the LiveWall Indoor Living Wall System

Maintaining the LiveWall Indoor green wall system is simple. By following along with this video your indoor living wall will remain healthy for years to come. This video guide walks you through each step of the maintenance process. How to water a living wall, how to fertilize a living wall, and much more is covered in this short video.