How to Care for a Schefflera Arboricola : Gardening & Plant Care

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Schefflera Arboricola is a dwarf Schefflera. Learn how to care for Schefflera Arboricola with help from an experienced horticulturist in this free video clip.

Expert: Kathryn O’Donnell
Bio: Kathryn O’Donnell started creating new horticultural practices with Botanicus Interior Landscaping in 1971.
Filmmaker: Brandon Zarbo

Series Description: It is always important to realize that each individual plant will have its own unique care requirements. Get tips on plant care with help from an experienced horticulturist in this free video series.


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Aloe Vera – Repotting and Care

I was given an Aloe vera from a friend at work so i thought i would take you along with me as I potted it up.

These plants require high light and well draining soil… water them well and then let them dry before you water it again…

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How To Trim Indoor Plants

Knife we recommend –
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Plants like us need to be groomed to keep looking attractive and healthy.

Over time plant leaves can become spotted and blemished for different reasons, including heat, dryness, lack of nutrients, over watering, and under watering. We need to take care of bad and damaged leaves.
Some leaves need to be removed completely and other just need trimming.

If more than half of a leave is affected it needs to be cut back as close as possible to plan’t stem without damaging it. You need a very sharp knife or cutters to do it.

If only small portion of a leaf is discolored, you can use very sharp scissors and just trim the discolored edges by following the natural shape of a leaf.

For more details watch the video and learn how to trim plants (Bird of Paradise in this case) to keep them groomed.

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The Garden of Eatin’: A Short History of America’s Garden

This animated video is part of the “Eat the View” campaign to plant high-impact gardens in high-profile places. What better place to start than at the White House?

The video tells the story of the “America’s Garden” from 1800 when President John Adams planted the first “first vegetables” to feed his own family to the present day.

It ends by peeking optimistically into the future when President Obama, seeing how our world is changing, announces plans to replant America’s garden, inspiring countless citizens to grow some of their own delicious, healthy, and environmentally responsible food.

Began in February 2008, the “Eat the View” campaign is powered by real people like you. Please join us here:

The video was produced by the nonprofit group Kitchen Gardeners International ( which is leading the “Eat the View” campaign. The animation is the creative genius of Eliot Morrison of

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How to Care for Anthurium

Learn how to care for Anthurium with Yolanda Vanveen.You can learn more sustainable gardening tips and tricks at our site How to Garden Videos To keep up with our latest videos please “Like” us How to Garden Videos on Facebook!…
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Anthurium will grow in a small or large container or in a garden bed with soil and good drainage.
Anthurium are native to tropical rainforests throughout Central and South America.
Many anthuriums are climbers and all need very high humidity and warmth to thrive.
They prefer bright, indirect light. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Keep soil moist at all times but drain for extra water..

Anthurium like warmer temperatures of between 65ºF and 90ºF. They suffer below 60ºF.
Divide by separating roots or take cuttings from the tip or stem.
Scissors for dividing plants and cutting out brown leaves.
Anthurium plant, container and soil
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京都市西院駅裏 麺屋ごはん屋 これでもかっ!! お蔭様で8周年(^_^) 8日から10日までの記念メニュー️ 鶏すき焼き(^_^) #京都#西院#駅裏#麺屋ごは…

麺屋ごはん屋 これでもかっ!!
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