How to Care for an Olive Topiary Indoor & Outdoor


WATERING: Olives prefer to be kept evenly moist, but benefit
from drying out slightly between watering. Feel the soil often to
determine when to water. Carefully pour water on the surface of
the soil until some drains out the bottom. Do not allow your
plant to stand in water.

LIGHT: Olives require a fair bit of light when placed indoors, but
can tolerate low light for a week or two at a time. Note that
placement directly in a west or south facing window can be too
much light and heat and will require very frequent watering.
Filtered light from these windows is perfect, however, as is
placement in a north or east facing window. Except when the
temperature falls below freezing, placement of your olive in a
shaded outdoor porch or patio is very beneficial as long as little
direct afternoon sun is received.

FERTILIZER: Fertilize perhaps monthly while the plant is actively
growing following the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t fertilize
a stressed plant as this will further stress the plant’s roots.

PESTS: Actively monitor your plants for signs of insects or
disease. If caught early, most pests can be removed by simply
squishing, rinsing, wiping or minor pruning. The best preventive
measure is to rinse the entire plant (not the soil) in cool water
weekly. The act of rinsing or sprinkling the leaves regularly helps
to keep them clean, green and free of insects. If an infestation
does occur use an appropriate pesticide and follow the
manufacturer’s instructions.

REPOTTING: Once the plant is root bound, or just perhaps dries
out too quickly to easily maintain, you may repot into a slightly
larger pot, being careful not to over– or under-water the plant.

PRUNING: Selectively prune your Olive Tree to maintain the
desired shape any time of year.


Your Olive Tree can be transplanted outside as long as you live in a location where the temperature does not fall below 10°F. Also, Olives prefer the soil to have a pH between 6.6 and 8.5 and be at least slightly calcareous. Transplant as you would any other tree and keep slightly moist until it is established. Once established, Olives are drought tolerant. Choose a spot in full sun; remember,
though, that your Olive Tree was grown in a greenhouse and
will get sunburned if placed in full sun upon receipt. Slowly
acclimate your plant to full sun before transplanting it.

Once established, Olive Trees are very tough and
non-demanding trees. You may choose to continue to water
and fertilize them or not; they will grow faster and softer if
taken care of or will be slower and hardier if left to their own

Prune your Olive Tree according to what you want it for. If fruit
is desired, research the proper methods for pruning. Otherwise
prune your Olive Tree whenever and however you desire to keep
it looking the way that is most pleasing to you.



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Care and Propagation of Syngonium plant || 28 March, 2017

Syngonium is a beautiful leafy plant. It can enhance the beauty of our houses if planted indoor or outdoor.

Here are some tips on the care of this plant.

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How to Compost

We love dirt! Ever thought about composting, but just never gotten around to doing it? After you watch this video and see Master Composter Linda Olsen in action, you will be inspired to start. Better soil for your garden and less waste in the garbage!

Green Action Centre offers education through workshops and courses, printed materials, and a toll free compost info line. (1-866-394-8880 or in Winnipeg at 204-925-3776) We also coordinate dozens of volunteers through our Master Composter Program, an in-depth composting training and volunteer program that helps us to reach people in communities all across the Province of Manitoba. Visit us at

Thank you to the Assiniboine Credit Union for providing us the support to make this video, and for inspiring future composters everywhere!

A big thank you to the filmmakers Chris Paetkau and Trevor Gill who spent endless hours learning the ins and outs of dirt. We love you guys.

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