Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – Care & Info

The peace lily is a classic house plant. In this video, I share how I take care of mine – including watering and the occasional shower!


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  1. Thank you for a well done, user friendly video. We received a Peace Lily from my grandma's funeral last week, and I want to make sure it stays with us a long time. You good job.

  2. my peace lily came from walmart you said 3 blooms when you first get them there was no bloom and it was almost completely yellow strong stems though and when i did get my first bloom it was closed and i had to manually open it and two weeks later it fell over i'm not mad it bounced back

  3. First of all I must compliment you on your personality and you are so very humble truly relaxing to watch your video!! Not trying to sound fuzzy butt I usually cannot watch a video on YouTube very long due to the annoyance in someone's Voice or long-winded lbs! Anyway pretty sure that your succulent you have in the Pokemon pot is a Echeveria or Chroma and didn't know if you knew but if any of your leaves on your succulent ever fall off you can easily propagate a whole new plant I am doing it so myself for the first time! Anyways fellow plant/nature lover again it was a pleasure, have a good day! #GoodVibes

  4. I like to have alot of plants too. Cleans the air and helps me breathe better. Peace lillies are great at detoxing the air. I have one but i have to keep it outside because i dont have any decent light inside my apartment. Yours looks really good. ☺

  5. yay ! mine went all limp and all the flowers have started to turn brown.. some of the leaves too, its not getting enough indirect light. i also gave it lots of fizzy water and it liked it.

  6. very useful 🙂 lately it's been really hot here in California and my Lily started drooping. I give it water but I don't see any pregress. I also moved her to another spot in the house where it's not so hot. I think it's thirsty and the soil has been so dry so everyday I been putting some water. I'm not going to today and I'll see what hapens. I don't want my plant to die 🙁

  7. I just bought a nice big peace lily from my local Walmart that was put in a cart to be thrown out. 🙁 I also bought as many of the plants that were going to be dumped as I could fit in my car!! This is my 1st peace lily. Thank you for the very informative video. I loved seeing all of your plants.

  8. Hi Darryl good video, but HELP!!! I think I am slowly but surely killing my Peace Lily. I just started following you on Instagram ( Leo Shelton ), I have one picture right now of my Peace Lily, but its not a very good one. ( ITS on a table along with 3 other plants) I will add more pictures starting with how it looked when I first got the plant up to today,  ( you will see what I mean, and why I need your help/tips I will add the pictures to my Instagram today and add your Instagram name, so will receive a notification I hope to hear from you VERY SOON. Thanks.

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