PLANT COLLECTION TOUR + How To Care For Indoor Plants

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33 Replies to “PLANT COLLECTION TOUR + How To Care For Indoor Plants”

  1. Loved this! I've been interested in taking care of plants for a while but had to do some research first to see what was the least low maintenance and dog friendly for a novice like me lol I "saved" a bunch from the clearance section at Lowe's and got some bigger healthier ones at a local nursery. It's definitely made my new apartment feel more cozy and warm!

  2. I absolutely love watching you talk about your plants!! I am a big plantlover myself, but my family not so much, so I can't really talk to them with the same enthousiasm as you do. I also don't have as many plants as you do, though my collection has grown in the last year, and I aspire to get even more. I feel like plants make your home a real home and they are so wonderful 🙂

  3. Plant some spider plants and aloe Vera in your window boxes, they will love it. Also the cactus you have move it to the sunny window or even outside. Water them good and let it dry completely. Nice plants collection, good luck.

  4. Yes would love to see the outdoor garden.. especially the strawberries. I find it hard to grow outdoor plants cos they usually only last foe the summer. Are there any you would recommend. That survive UK cold weather.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Very authentic. Nice to see your passion for plants. And couldn't help but notice the 2 ganesh… my favourite plant right now is the snake plant. So low maintenance. If your considering getting more plants I would recommend the snake plant.

  6. I'd take the cacti out of the bathroom. They love dry heat and the humidity in a bathroom may be wrecking them. Put cacti in a window, they like similar conditions to succulents. Do not water, basically starve them of water in the winter and give sparingly in the summer. The soil the cacti were in may also be keeping them too wet, I'd normally add in sand with general potting soil to make sure they drain.

  7. That one little cactus looks hardy still – he even has a little new growth on top! It looks like he probably needs a different growing medium and pot. Often the commercial mixes and pots are not good for long term growing. Try repotting in home mixed soil with high sand content and some perlite (and NO peat – it dries too hard). And make sure it has a drainage hole in the bottom of the new container. water once a month or less (zero in winter months). After repotting, let him adjust and then slowly move him closer to the window. Eventually he might be perfect in high direct sunlight (all my cactus varieties do best in direct light). Thanks for sharing your gorgeous plants with us! I have a spider plant that seems slow-growing to me – this video has inspired me to give her a better pot and more soil and sunlight. Thanks!

  8. Cacti need the most light from the hottest window and drainage only water from October to March 🙂 and the little plant the flower lady was binning is a zz plant you can have them in the darkest part of the house… AND you found so many amazing plants :O So very lucky

  9. This is probably way too late, but that orchid you kept upside down (it's probobly dead by now) is a Paphiopedilum (a slipper orchid), they must be planted in orchid soil which should be kept moist all the time. You probably mistook this plant for a Vanda orchid, which do grow without any soil and roots should be sprayed every day. I see no reason for keeping any if these plant upside down though, as the growing tip will find its way to grow up again towords the light eventually anyway.

  10. Hi u😊
    That silvery gray plant – CALOCEPHALUS is the botanical name and here in norway we say Silverthread. Is unfortunetly ded.. its a outdoors plant. When taken inside it dosent last. So now its just dried up. That green last one on your self is a Juncus. Make sure its light enought up there. And it cant dry up compleetly – it needs to be mouist all the time… xxx good luck from a florist.

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