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  1. Use common sense when caring for poinsettia. They like room temperature environments and not too much sunlight. That is a hott mom… Music was very suggestive. The fruit bowl tip was interesting.

  2. I just bought one last week and it was so cold and blistery outside that by the time I got it home, it had started to bleed a white substance.😥 Took a few days but I got her back healthy and thriving😊

  3. Thanks for this video! I have just recently got into plants this year and have some flowers and succulent plants. I have found an interest in keeping plants so I decided Sunday to get a red Poinsettia. It is doing wonderful! Most of my family members that keep them don't take proper care of them and they die very quickly so I knew better than to ask them. Today, since they are $2 at my local Walmart and were surprisingly healthy, I got a "white" one(it is more yellowish green). I've named them because I name all my plants(I'm weird). The red one is Holly and the "white" one is Ivy. I hope to have good luck with these guys. Again, thanks for the video!

  4. I just bought an Apricot Poinsetta. It is my first and I am not blessed with a Green Thumb but I knew how resilient these plants can be. I don't think I picked out a good one. It is droopy. I moved it away from the fruit it was by, I barely have any green leaves. Can you tell me any more tips to revive her?

  5. Wonderful childhood memory of an old woman whose front window was filled every Christmas with red poinsettias. She covered them with a sheet in the south window of her USDA zone 4 house. Two years' experience under my belt now. Drafts are not good and then you'll think it's under-watered, then you'll drown it. My goal is to make a Christmas tree out of poinsettias, 1 years' cuttings at a time. Waddya say Nate (urcraze)? What's ur favorite red variety?

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