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Aloe vera is a very popular succulent plant and I have already posted two videos on it – one was about separating the aloe vera babies from mother plant and repotting them independently and the second was regarding the medicinal values of aloe plant.
Now in this Video, am gonna show you How to grow Aloe vera plant indoors and how to take care of it. These are the same Aloe vera babies also called as Offsets, that we separated from mother plant a month ago. You can watch the previous videos and the links are above.

Aloe vera is easy to grow indoors as a potted plant, and makes a wonder houseplant. Given the proper care, these amazing plants can live for many, many years.
The good news is that aloe vera plants are super easy to grow plants whether indoors or outdoors, and they do very well in pots – of any size.
The Secret here is : There’s really not much to it, and guess what – your aloe vera might just do better if you ignore it, they thrive on neglect.
But, there are certain things you need to do to keep your aloe vera plant growing to it’s best. The two most important parts of aloe vera plant care are proper – watering and lighting.
The most common mistake people make when it comes to aloe vera plant care is overwatering. They donot require so much water as you think, they are succulents and already have lot of water and moisture stored in their leaves.
In nature, aloes grow in desert climates where they hardly get any rain. Aloe vera succulent plants hold water in their leaves, so they can go a very long time without water.
Overwatering will eventually cause the stem and roots of the plant to rot, eventually killing the whole plant. Obviously we definitely don’t want that to happen!
Remember one thing, Depending on the season you need to water them, like in summer you may need to water them frequently. Firstly check the soil for moisture – not just the upper layer of the soil, but a little below an inch. If its moist then donot water them. That’s it about watering.

The second most important thing about aloe vera plant care is proper lighting. Aloe vera plants will grow their best indoors when given good amount of light.
A south facing window would be the ideal spot, but they also grow well under artificial lights. If you don’t have enough sunlight in your home, then you should definitely use a grow light for your aloe vera.
Alternately, you can move your aloe vera plant twice a week into sunlight – preferably indirect sunlight, only if its not thriving indoors.
Lastly ! the Best Potting Soil For Aloe Vera Plants is one that drains very quickly, and doesn’t hold water – like cocopeat or a mix of cocopeat and soil or sand in any proportion to make it a well drained potting soil. Also, it does not require any fertilizer – whether organic or inorganic.

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