The Jade Plant – A great low maintenance plant for your indoor garden! – Crassula ovata

In this episode of Growing Wisdom Dave visits Sage Farm to check out their beautiful Jade Plants.


34 Replies to “The Jade Plant – A great low maintenance plant for your indoor garden! – Crassula ovata”

  1. my jade plant keeps drooping no matter how little or how much i water it, how much sunlight i let it have. my mum has suggested that it doesn't like the pot it is in, so i'm going to try repotting it and see if that makes a different. i really don't want it to die 🙁 it's such a cute plant.

  2. I have an issue with my jade plant! Why do the leaves on my dwarf jade plant pop off like popcorn when I touch it, or even look at it. They are slowly all falling off 🙁  HELP (my plant is a portulacaria afar)

  3. Birmingham UK, my plant/tree is about 18" tall planted in a pot with no drainage holes, and has three branches about 2" diameter, but it is losing leaves like there's no tomorrow, even the thin branches are falling off, and feel very soft. Someone in the office did give it a mega watering, literally filling the pot up to the rim, and I had to tip the water out,into the sink. But if it doesn't like too much sun, should I move it to a sheltered outside area, so the outside atmosphere helps to dry it??
    I thought it was root bound and was about to re-pot it, also I never realised that it flowered.

  4. I have a jade plant which I purchased around 6 years ago, it was about 5cm tall.  It has been growing in a large pot, I have had no problems with it.  It has flowered a couple of times and now it is starting to flower again.  It has full sun in the morning and then shade during the afternoon.  It gets watered every three days it is thriving.  I have planted a couple more of the leaves they are in pots as well and they are thriving.  I live in Queensland.  I love the Jade.

  5. If a jade plant is over-watered, the leaves will fall off while still whole, right? That's what seems to be happening to mine. Also, about how long does it take for the stems to develop bark? Mine started but there are only a few patches near the base.

  6. I grow these, as well as the smaller leafed variety as Bonsai trees. They are super easy to grow and new plants can be started from a single leaf or any size cutting. Only problem I have with growing them in a small container, is that they are very top heavy and tip over a lot spilling out the soil. So use as heavy a container as you can find for these plants. Clay or ceramic is good, plastic not so much…

  7. LOVE the jade plant!! They are so easily propagated. I have them outside (Sacramento, CA) and I have to be careful because I get yellow leaves the minute I water them in wintertime….they really don't like water during this time (cold). Thanks for reminding me that they don't need much soil. Love your little pot.

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