The proper way to water indoor or interior palms & plants

Learn how to keep your indoor palms and plants alive by following this simple watering technique.


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  1. Please sir. I have an areca palm and I'm having every issue you mentioned. It's winter here and my plants are dying. I water them like 3 times a week. And now they are Browning and they now have the white on them the white things on it lol forgive me I love them so much please help me. I will do as you say

  2. Great video. Sound advice and practical reasoning. I'm amazed by previous comments about water from the tap and water from the hose. Everyone who responded in confusion are missing to point all together.
    For instance, if you wash a muddy rag in water that never drains, the rag will still have mud. If you let the water drain as you wash the rag, the flowing water will remover mud gradually and your rag will get cleaned. 
    This brings us to the point if the video. When watering your plant, whether from a tap or hose, allow water to flow to flush out contaminants that would have been trapped in the soil from a previous watering. The error some people make is when they don't leach or let water flow through the soil, as in using a drinking glass to add just enough water to the plant (typically from a tap). When you don't flush the soil with flowing water (typically a hose), this eventually leads to build up of contaminants the plant leaves behind after absorbing only the H2O. Those contaminants will change the soil's ph and negatively affect the plant's health.
    The author of the video referenced tap and hose not to defrenciate the quality or type of water, but to emphasise the volume of water you get from the diferent delivery mechanisms people typically use when watering their plants.
    If you don't get this, It's like being confused and thinking that when someone says water from a faucet and water from a tap, they are talking about two completely different types or quality water.
    I just spent all his time writing this for people who should know better.

  3. Tap water and hose water are the same. When you use 75% RO water and 25% tap water and spray or mist it and spray off the dust on the leaves outside with a house periodically the tree restores its vigor. If your pot is well drained most of the salts dump out in the bottom catch tray which you should dump out after watering. I've been using RO water for years on my plants and they've put out quite a bit of growth.

  4. I don't agree with this at all. Yes water your plant outside and flood it that's ok but to say the water is different is horseshit. you can put compost in there too to encourage growth and feed your plant.

  5. I think he might be using contained rain water in the hose. At least that is what a lot of people do, collect, contain and then use rain water for their plants. Would be smart to mention that though.

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