WINTER PLANT CARE TIPS: 10 LIFESAVER HACKS For Survival | How to care for plants in winter season

Today we will look on How to care for plants in winter season with 10 Lifesaver hacks or tips for winter plant care and plant survival to keep plants alive and healthy in winter season.

Most summer plants either begin to die or prepare for a type of hibernation or dormancy during winter season and you need to support them and care for them if you want to keep them alive. Whether outdoor plants or Indoor plants all need winter care for survival. But outdoor plants are more prone to winter attacks than indoor plants. It all depends on how vulnerable the plants are, how cold the weather is and the length of the cold season and also your location or zone. We will look into step by step care with 10 tips on winter care of plants.
10. Choose the plants that are suited to your climate and zone. This is the simplest and lowest-effort choice. Learn your which growing zone and keep the plants that will survive in your zone.
9. Save the Plants Energy: Remove dead leaves and buds or even branches will save energy for the plant and also as a general rule fertilizers are not used on plants during winter.
8. Bring potted plants indoors: If you have any potted plants or hanging baskets outdoors, bring them inside your home. This will increase the temperature by atleast 5 degree centigrade. For sun loving plants, place them back in sun during day time. I know it’s a tough task, but need to take the pain for the sake of your plants and save dying plants.
9. Covering your plants: This is a very important step if you do not want to bring your plants indoors, You can use various thing to cover your plants depending on the size of your plants and pots.
Use Polythene covers or Zip lock bag to cover smaller plants. Being transparent, you can even leave them covered even during day time. Make sure you make some small holes in the bag for air circulation. Also leave some space of about 1 or 2 inches at the bottom side.
You can also use any size plastic shopping bag and make similar holes for air circulation. Use just anything to protect your plants even, a blanket or any piece of cloth to cover the plants by placing few sticks or supports for tenting. For support, You can also use a garden trellis or make your own DIY trellis using some long sticks. Take it off during the daytime for sunlight exposure. This method works best to protect from frost.
Another Hack here is, use empty pots to protect seedlings. Just place them upside down and cover the seedlings or small plants in night time and remove the cover in the morning to allow sunlight.
6. Apply a layer of mulch: Mulch acts as an insulator, holding in heat and moisture in the soil. It is used to protect the root systems of your plants from cold temperatures. For more details on What is Mulching – please refer to my Video on Mulching.
5. You can build a polyhouse or green house and keep your plants in it. Also there are many ready to install polyhouse bags available online for this purpose.
4. Supply a heat source: In extremely cold condition, you can provide your plants with a heat source like a room heater or a high wattage light bulb which can even revive plants.
3. Pruning: Prune plants like annual flowers, plants and vegetables. Also trim the branches or leaves if you feel they are under pest attack or diseased.
2. Spray the plants: specially indoor plants aprayed with a light mist at least once a day are benefited.
1. Watering: For Indoor Plants reduce watering and Plants grow at a slower rate in winter and require less watering. IF you are not sure, dip your finger into the soil and check for moisture.
So, there we have it folks, those were the top 10 lifesaving tips for your winter plant care and How to Take care of plants in winter. If you like the tips, please give a THUMBS UP to the video and also if you have some more tips, please share them in comments section below the video including your suggestions. Also Consider subscribing to the channel if you are new to the channel. See you again soon and Happy Gardening!

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